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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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David and Brittany Parsons Engel Transform Tree Care in CA

David and Brittany Parsons Engel Transform Tree Care in CA
Photo Courtesy: Brittany Parsons Engel

Situated in the heart of California, David Engel and Brittany Parsons Engel have built a connection to trees and the community through their business, AM/PM Tree Service. Their path to becoming figures in the industry showcases their commitment, perseverance, and love for nature.

David’s exposure to tree care began at an early age. Recognizing the value of work and providing for his family, he was naturally drawn to outdoor tasks. His attraction to the tree care sector allowed him to face challenges while fostering a bond with nature.

Growing up, Brittany was instilled with a strong work ethic and business acumen. Immersed in commerce from a tender age, she supported her self-employed mother before taking on project management responsibilities for a construction firm. Her journey led her to merge her drive with her commitment to sustainability and community involvement.

Collaboratively, David and Brittany noticed a demand for a tree service company that emphasized honesty and tailored solutions. In 2014, they took a step. They started AM/PM Tree Service with nothing but determination, a chainsaw, and their trusty 1997 Honda Civic. Their journey was long, but their dedication to quality and making customers happy kept them going.

The early days of AM/PM Tree Service were about being resourceful and resilient. Without tools, David and his team had to be creative, cutting trees by hand to meet client demands. Each job saw them learning and growing to expand their capabilities.

As the business expanded, so did the challenges. Without extensive resources, they had to plan and invest in equipment like trailers, chippers, and trucks. Each new addition improved their services and made growth more efficient.

AM/PM Tree Service values honesty, sustainability, and engagement with the community at its core. Being Californians themselves, David and Brittany know how important it is to protect the environment and reduce fire risks. They focus on recycling materials whenever possible to lessen their impact on the environment for a greener tomorrow.

Fire safety also plays a role in the services they offer. Operating in an area where wildfires are not uncommon, AM/PM Tree Service specializes in establishing zones around residences and properties. Through strategic tree trimming and tree removal, they work to reduce fire hazards and safeguard communities.

The commitment to excellence shown by AM/PM Tree Service has been duly recognized. The company has been honored with awards like the “Best of Solano County” title. They have also received praise from organizations like the Better Business Bureau. Their exceptional service quality and dedication to sustainability have garnered feedback on platforms such as Yelp, along with an appearance on the reality TV show “The Blox.”

With an eye on growth, David and Brittany aspire to establish AM/PM Tree Service as a leader in the industry. Brittany’s innovative approach led her to develop One Stop Tree Shop, a platform that simplifies processes like hiring, equipment rentals, sales, and communication within the tree service sector.

Apart from their business endeavors, David and Brittany are loving parents to five children. They cherish family time spent together – whether enjoying activities by the river out, on their boat, or rooting for their sports teams as a unit. Their passion for adventure and vibrant approach to life is reflected in how they conduct their business: with a sense of dedication, excellence, and a genuine love for what they do.

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Published by: Nelly Chavez

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