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Crafting the Perfect Business Travel Wardrobe: Insights from Stylist Colomba Giacomini

Crafting the Perfect Business Travel Wardrobe: Insights from Stylist Colomba Giacomini
Photo Credited to: Colomba Giacomini

When it comes to embarking on a business trip, there’s more to it than just booking flights and arranging meetings. The way you present yourself is equally vital, and this extends to your choice of attire. A well-organized and strategic suitcase can make a world of difference in ensuring you’re impeccably dressed and prepared for any situation that arises during your journey.

Recently, stylist Colomba garnered international recognition as she was featured in the Ny Weekly. Curious to learn more about this remarkable professional and to learn expert tips for a business travel wardrobe, we sought to delve deeper into her fashion expertise. 

Colomba Giacomini is a seasoned professional in the fashion industry, and her journey into the world of fashion began at a young age. As she reminisces, “I’ve always loved it at school, I used to dress everyone for everything, and when I was little, I used to take my mother’s silk scarves and turn them into ball gowns. So it’s always been all I’ve ever really wanted to do.”

Colomba’s career trajectory saw her embark on internships, collaborations with renowned fashion photographers, and roles at prestigious fashion establishments like Matches. However, her ultimate aspiration was to become an independent stylist. Known for her eclectic style palette, which ranges from bold prints to casual chic, Colomba is a fearless fashion enthusiast who infuses each piece with uniqueness and charm.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Colomba’s career as a stylist is the confidence she instills in her clients through their clothing choices. She shares, “Honestly, my most rewarding moments as a stylist are when someone messages me the next day just saying how amazing they felt, or that they walked into the room, and everybody stopped to look at them, and everyone kept coming up and asking them where their outfit was from, or they just felt amazing.”

Crafting the Perfect Business Travel Wardrobe: Insights from Stylist Colomba Giacomini

Photo Credited to: Colomba Giacomini

Now, let’s explore Colomba’s invaluable advice on crafting a savvy and strategic travel wardrobe:

Versatility Is Key:

Colomba underscores the importance of selecting versatile pieces that can effortlessly transition from one occasion to another during your trip. “I would never go anywhere without a black blazer,” she reveals. Essentials like a black blazer, high-quality white sneakers, jeans, T-shirts, and a pair of high heels should be at the top of your packing list. She explains, “I tend to try to build whatever I’m working with around one, maybe two, pairs of heels to start with. Then I work out how many days I’m there and start to sort of build outfits around the days that I am there.”

Must-Have Items:

Colomba’s travel suitcase essentials include a versatile trench coat that can complement any outfit, as well as mix-and-match clothing items. “I always like to have a scarf with me because I’m always cold, so I’d like something that I can wrap around when I’m on the airplane,” she mentions. Other indispensable items in her suitcase are white trainers, a black jacket, an interesting clutch, high-quality jeans, and a stylish pair of trousers. “I collect really quirky clutch bags, my particular favorite is Olympia Le Tan the book bag. So, I don’t think I’ve ever traveled without one because it’s such a fun, interesting talking point at a dinner,” she adds.

Day-to-Night Transformation:

Colomba stresses the role of accessories in transforming a daytime look into an evening-appropriate ensemble. “A touch of jewelry, a coat thrown over the shoulders, and even a unique clutch bag can make all the difference,” says Colomba. She advises, “If you just throw your jacket, a black blazer over your shoulders, or your coat over your shoulders, it instantly gives you a slightly more glamorous look. And that’s another way of taking something quite like the same thing from day to night.”

Avoid Common Packing Mistakes:

Among the most common packing mistakes, Colomba highlights an excess of shoes. She suggests that opting for one or two versatile pairs of shoes is more efficient than packing numerous options. Additionally, maintaining a cohesive color palette and ensuring that all pieces can be mixed and matched is crucial. “I’d rather have more clothes than shoes, to be honest because they go further. Then, I think it’s also important to stick to a color palette, especially if you’re going on a short trip,” she advises.

Choosing Colors and Pieces for Easy Mixing:

To simplify your suitcase and expand your outfit possibilities, Colomba recommends selecting a color palette that facilitates mixing and matching. She also stresses the importance of trying on outfits before you travel, saying, “I always try on my outfits to ensure that everything works well together.”

Adapting to Different Destinations and Weather Conditions:

Adaptability is key for business trips, and Colomba suggests checking the weather forecast and considering your outdoor activities when packing. “It’s important to be prepared for different weather conditions and to know what to expect at your destination,” she notes. “You’ve got to check the weather forecast and also pack a couple of extra things, just in case.”

Valuable Tips for an Efficient Suitcase:

Colomba’s top tip for efficient packing is to allow ample time for planning and organization. She also recommends using suitcase organizers, like packing cubes, to keep everything tidy and accessible. “A well-organized suitcase makes life easier during the trip,” she emphasizes.

Handling Social Events on a Business Trip:

For social events during a business trip, Colomba advises starting with a simple base, like a white t-shirt and leather trousers, and then adding striking accessories such as a unique clutch bag or standout leather pants. She believes that small touches can completely transform a look, saying, “Sometimes, a touch of sparkle or a bold piece is all it takes to make your look perfect for a social event.”

With Colomba Giacomini’s expert guidance, you’re now well-equipped to assemble a smart and stylish travel wardrobe for your next business excursion. Remember to allocate time for planning, opt for versatile pieces, and maintain a cohesive color scheme. With Colomba’s fashion expertise, you’ll navigate any business trip with confidence and elegance. Be inspired by her style by visiting her profile here.

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