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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Charting a Course for Change: The Inspiring Saga of Dr. Sarah Sun Liew

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew
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In the panorama of contemporary times, distinguished by the rapid pace of technological advancements and an ever-growing call for social justice, the saga of Dr. Sarah Sun Liew emerges as a resonant narrative of ambition, enlightenment, and altruism. Originating from An-dong, a South Korean citadel of academia, Dr. Liew’s saga is rooted in a legacy renowned for its scholarly, political, and medical contributions—a heritage that would prelude her remarkable voyage to the United States at the tender age of 24. This move marked the onset of a transcendent journey, intertwining the realms of education and entrepreneurship with a steadfast commitment to philanthropy.

Before her odyssey in America, Dr. Liew was celebrated in South Korea for her multifarious roles ranging from an educator, molding young minds, to a spiritual and community shepherd. These initial forays into public service and professional life underscored an inherent drive to cultivate growth and enlightenment, setting the stage for her global ventures.

Her academic voyage is marked by an illustrious Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from Pacific State University, with a specialization that bridges the intricate worlds of international trade, e-commerce, IT, and finance. This pursuit of wisdom was augmented by postdoctoral studies and courses at prestigious institutions, shaping a scholar equipped to transition her academic acumen into tangible societal contributions.

Photo Courtesy: Dr. Sarah Liew

Embarking on ventures in fintech, real estate, and legal services, Dr. Liew assumed leadership roles that not only showcased her entrepreneurial spirit but also her innovative approach to nurturing economic development and realizing the American dream for diverse demographics. Her leadership at the Global Jesus Mission Church and the Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation Inc. amplified her mission to harness her extensive knowledge for the greater good, empowering communities through education and entrepreneurship.

Her political aspirations and forays into public policy reflect a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of informed, ethical leadership to confront and navigate societal challenges. Supported by her academic and practical endeavors, Dr. Liew’s political engagement aims at contributing meaningfully to the national discourse.

Her philanthropic initiatives span a broad spectrum, with recognition from venerable institutions like the Korean American Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles, celebrating her substantial impact across varied sectors. Furthermore, Dr. Liew’s influence extends into media and literature, where her collaborations and publications position her as a beacon of thought leadership.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Liew’s strategic interventions provided essential support to businesses, demonstrating her commitment to facilitating recovery and prosperity. Her legal and immigration services underscore her dedication to unlocking potential and fostering progress.

Dr. Liew’s narrative, from an educator to a trailblazing entrepreneur and political figure, epitomizes a life devoted to innovation, leadership, and serving humanity. Her endeavors across investment, legal services, and entrepreneurship not only earned her widespread acclaim but also tangibly enriched countless lives. Her journey stands as a beacon of inspiration, affirming the profound impact of passion, resilience, and a service-driven ethos on achieving exceptional success and engendering enduring change.

As Dr. Liew continues to forge her legacy, her epic from teaching to triumph articulates the transformative capacity of education, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy in sculpting a brighter future. Her life’s work underscores the importance of cross-disciplinary knowledge, innovation, and a commitment to societal welfare in creating significant legacies. Dr. Liew’s entrepreneurial voyage delineates a visionary’s blueprint for success, distinguished by significant achievements and a lasting dedication to societal advancement.

For those moved by Dr. Liew’s story or looking to join her in empowering communities and stimulating economic growth, a wealth of opportunities beckons. Whether by engaging with her educational initiatives, supporting her philanthropic efforts, or exploring investment avenues, Dr. Liew invites everyone to partake in the journey toward a more equitable, prosperous, and innovative tomorrow.

Explore Dr. Liew’s vision and mission on her campaign site www.sarahsenator.org. For inquiries, reach out to Global Jesus Mission Church at gjmch20@gmail.com or dive into their online portal at www.gjesusmc.org. Those intrigued by the Meridian Credit Card Processing Job Training Program can uncover more details or sign up for forthcoming sessions at www.meridianwish.com, or connect via info@meridianwish.com.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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