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Breaking Barriers and Making a Difference: The Remarkable Life of Dr. Sarah Sun Liew

Breaking Barriers and Making a Difference: The Remarkable Life of Dr. Sarah Sun Liew
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In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and profound social changes, the quest for equitable progress remains a pivotal challenge. Amidst this dynamic landscape, certain individuals emerge as beacons of hope and transformation, epitomizing the spirit of resilience and innovation. One such luminary is Dr. Sarah Sun Liew, whose multifaceted career spans entrepreneurship, education, politics, and religious leadership.

Born in An-dong, South Korea, Dr. Liew was instilled with a deep appreciation for education and community service from an early age. Her family’s legacy in various esteemed fields set the stage for her own journey of excellence and contribution. Pursuing higher education with zeal, she acquired advanced degrees in business administration from Pacific State University before delving into post-doctoral studies in biblical preaching and Christian sales, marketing, and nonprofit management.

Immersed in a family tradition that deeply values educational excellence and civic responsibility, Dr. Liew’s upbringing was significantly influenced by her ancestors’ notable contributions to academia, politics, defense, and healthcare. This illustrious background formed the foundation of her zealous pursuit of knowledge, culminating in an extensive collection of academic credentials. Dr. Liew earned her Ph.D.s in Business Administration from Pacific State University, with her studies spanning a diverse range of specializations, including International Business and Finance. Her quest for knowledge didn’t end there; she furthered her education with post-doctoral research in biblical teachings and the application of Christian principles to sales, marketing, and the management of nonprofit organizations.

Dr. Liew’s unyielding commitment to continuous education led her to participate in advanced courses at some of the prestigious universities worldwide, such as Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School of Management, and Wharton Business School, among others. Her academic journey also includes participation in distinguished programs at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and the University of Chicago. This varied educational background has been crucial in her exceptional performance and versatility in various professional arenas.

Dr. Liew’s professional trajectory is as impressive and diverse as it is diverse. With over 28 years of experience in the merchant services industry, she has emerged as a leading figure in credit card processing through her role as CEO of MPS Merchant Services Group. Additionally, her expertise in real estate investment has solidified her position as CEO of Meridian Beverly Hills Realty and Management Inc., further exemplifying her entrepreneurial acumen.

Beyond her business endeavors, Dr. Liew’s commitment to community service shines brightly through her work as a senior pastor at Global Jesus Mission Church and her leadership roles within numerous nonprofit organizations aimed at empowering small businesses and fostering job creation.

Breaking Barriers and Making a Difference: The Remarkable Life of Dr. Sarah Sun Liew

Photo Courtesy: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew

Dr. Liew’s political aspirations reflect her unwavering dedication to societal improvement. Her campaigns for U.S. Congress and Senate were driven by a desire to bolster the economy and generate employment opportunities—a testament to her visionary approach to governance.

Her contributions have not gone unnoticed; accolades such as the Woman of Excellence Award from the Korean American Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles underscore her impactful work across various domains.

Moreover, Dr. Liew’s influence extends into the literary world with the publication of several books on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to spiritual leadership—each imbued with insights drawn from her rich life experiences.

As an advocate for election integrity, Dr. Liew leverages social media platforms to champion legal reforms and technological innovations that safeguard democratic processes—a crucial endeavor in today’s interconnected world.

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s remarkable journey embodies the essence of breaking barriers and making a difference—her legacy serves as inspiration for current and future generations striving towards creating a more just and inclusive society.

Those interested in learning more about Dr. Liew’s initiatives or seeking collaboration opportunities can connect with her via [Facebook](www.facebook.com/sarahsun.liew.5), [Instagram](www.instagram.com/drliewsenate/), [LinkedIn](www.linkedin.com/in/dr-sarah-sun-liew-dba-ph-d-postdoctoral-phds-dr-sarah-sun-liew-for-u-s-senate-77642138/), or [Twitter](twitter.com/Sarahliew7). Further information about Dr. Liew’s work can be found on [her official website](www.sarahsenator.org).

In conclusion, Dr. Liew’s multifaceted career serves not only as an archetype of professional success but also embodies the transformative power of dedicated service towards broader societal advancement—a narrative that continues to inspire across borders and generations.

She has authored over 50 pieces featured across multiple media platforms, showcasing her broad political insights and policy perspectives. Her extensive array of political opinions and written works are accessible through her personal website.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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