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Branding for Boutique Owners: A ‘Hot Mess’ Success

Branding for Boutique Owners: A ‘Hot Mess’ Success
Photo Courtesy: Hot Mess Consulting

Angela Froschl is an entrepreneur at heart. She has been conceiving of and starting businesses since she was eight years old and ran a palm reading stand on a neighborhood corner. Today, she runs Hot Mess Consulting, where she takes all of her own entrepreneurial experience and uses it to help other burgeoning businesses market their wares. Froschl’s journey of trial and error informs the way she helps others. No matter what situation your business is in, she’s been there before. Hot Mess Consulting takes all of Froschl’s experience and funnels it into your business, elevating it to new heights.

Froschl started her boutique several years ago after a five-year-long battle with cancer. Her health struggles opened her eyes to the fact that she was not really living—just existing. From a young age, all she wanted to do was own a business, so she decided that it was now or never. While trying to get her boutique off the ground, Froschl made mistakes, thought about running away, and struggled with her mental health, but eventually accepted that all of these experiences were part of her journey. Trying new things and occasionally failing is the only way she knows how to find what works, and over the years, she has.

Hot Mess Consulting came about after Froschl discovered how much she enjoyed creating her boutique’s website. She realized she had a flair for website design and marketing and was happy to extend her talents to other entrepreneurs who needed more online exposure. Hot Mess Consulting now operates with a team of seven and is working on ten to fifteen projects at any given time. The company leads with education and inspiration, sharing value-packed blogs on social media. Froschl and her team are the go-to agency for branding and Shopify websites; their years of experience and familiarity with the challenges of running a small business make Hot Mess Consulting the ideal marketing partner.

Froschl’s prowess has been recognized by several giants in the industry. She has spoken at the Boutique Hub Summit and the ASD Market in Las Vegas. Her business has also been featured in the reality television show The Blox. All this success has led to her latest venture, participating in an operational overhaul project with a former client who runs a social media marketing agency. Together, Froschl and the social media expert will dig into another company’s systems and processes to discover a more efficient, profitable way to do business. This marks an exciting new phase in Froschl’s career, and she cannot wait to see where it takes her. Watching a business succeed is Froschl’s favorite part of her job.

Starting your own business is not easy, and Froschl knows it better than anyone. She also knows how to make a business successful. When you need support through the ups and downs, Hot Mess Consulting is there to be your best friend whether you seek fashion branding, looking to get your photography business off the ground, or anything in between. Take your cues from someone who has been through this process before, and let Angela Froschl and Hot Mess Consulting bring your business to the next level. 

Published by: Martin De Juan

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