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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Blogic Systems Innovates with POS Technology & Concierge Service Fusion

Blogic Systems Innovates w: POS Technology & Service Fusion
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Established in 2010, Blogic Systems is disrupting the hospitality technology space with its innovative fusion of cutting-edge point-of-sale (POS) technology and dedicated concierge service. Founder and President Erick Tu and VP of Marketing Samer Mustaklim, seasoned veterans in the hospitality sector with diverse roles ranging from servers to owners, were driven to tackle the industry’s challenges head-on. Blogic Systems has accomplished its mission of revolutionizing the POS experience, emphasizing speed, reliability, and comprehensive service.

Blogic Systems distinguishes itself with unparalleled quality, primarily catering to the restaurant and retail industries. The company’s reliable features make it an enticing option for businesses seeking a comprehensive solution. Blogic Systems’ all-in-one platform integrates various functionalities, including online ordering, tableside ordering, reporting, and contactless payments, providing businesses with a streamlined operational experience. Quality, speed, and service are at the core of Blogic’s approach, demonstrating the need for the fastest and most reliable POS experience to ensure efficient, interruption-free operations. The company prides itself on cost-effectiveness, presenting an affordable solution without the constraints of binding contracts. 

One distinctive aspect of Blogic Systems is its concierge service, which delivers personalized support from local experts. This service proves particularly beneficial for businesses without full-time IT staff. Blogic’s technology is scalable, allowing customization to meet evolving business needs. The company’s commitment to addressing industry challenges is evident in its ability to streamline operations, reduce reliance on technology troubleshooting, and empower small and independent businesses.

Blogic Systems’ technological innovations surpass expectations. The ‘always-on’ reliability ensures seamless functionality, even during internet outages, mitigating common pitfalls associated with cloud-dependent POS systems. These solutions are customizable to meet unique business requirements efficiently and precisely. 

Unlike many tech startups, Blogic Systems is a bootstrapped company that is growing by prioritizing customer needs. As its founder, Tu envisions Blogic Systems as a national leader in hospitality technology, acknowledged for crafting resonant solutions that exceed mere business growth and solve real-world challenges. As the VP of marketing and a veteran with over a decade in the hospitality industry, Mustaklim draws from his experiences owning cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and nightclubs and emphasizes the importance of simplicity in scaling a business. He underscores that a good POS system is key to achieving efficiency in various aspects of a business, from training to employee retention.

Going forward with a vision, a mission, and more business growth in store, Blogic Systems also aspires to build a community around its brand. The Blogic Systems community will serve as a space where ideas are exchanged, challenges are collectively addressed, and success stories are celebrated, reinforcing the company as a true partner in its clients’ journeys to success. 

Proving its ability to compete with industry-leading brands like Lightspeed, Clover, Square, Toast, SpotOn, and more, Blogic Systems remains steadfast in delivering quality, versatile solutions that cater to various types of businesses. Restaurants, clubs, bars, retail establishments, and medical offices can all benefit from Blogic Systems’ standout offerings. 

Blogic Systems continues to blend technology and personalized service to empower businesses and revolutionize their day-to-day operations. For businesses navigating the dynamic hospitality industry, Blogic Systems stands ready to be the partner they need for efficiency, growth, and success as they continue to innovate the hospitality technology sector. 

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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