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BeachEdge Makes Vacation Homes A Reality for the Modern-Day Professional Amid the US Housing Shortage

The American dream is heavily rooted in the prospect of homeownership. Everyone hopes to one day own their own property and make it a livable home filled with great memories. Unfortunately, the US Housing Shortage has proved to be a major roadblock towards this dream, with prices skyrocketing in several areas and vacation homes being purchased by the 1%. Fortunately, the construction tech startup BeachEdge hopes to address this pressing issue by developing affordable homes optimized for the modern-day professional.

BeachEdge is on a mission to provide accessible housing to new-age homebuyers through the use of cutting-edge technology and a seamless development process. The company boasts a combined construction experience of more than 100 years, allowing it to have a profound understanding of the obstacles that a complex development process might incur within the United States.

With a storied tenure in the industry, BeachEdge has developed a modern technological solution to the age-old issues that have plagued the country. By utilizing the latest Artificial Intelligence technology, the company has managed to simplify lot development, especially in coastal regions.

“We’re addressing the core issue by adding new supply to the real estate market by building homes that are designed to highlight the beautiful local landscape and have net-zero energy consumption,” explained the incredible team behind the project. The company provides a comprehensive list of services from customizing designs, getting plans approved, picking a build solution that fits a client’s budget, and formulating a rental management solution. 

The entire process is accessible to the modern-day professional. Along with the company’s track record of remarkable customer service, clients are sure to enjoy what BeachEdge has to offer. The company takes a more client-centric approach to all of its housing projects, fostering a great culture of collaboration and communication with its most trusted clients.

BeachEdge is creating a revolutionary opportunity for new-age home buyers to own vacation homes equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. When not in use, each of these properties is also an excellent way to generate passive income as a rental which is fully supported by the company through its rental management solutions. Finding prospective clients is very easy since the homes are close to major cities and have stunning views. 

BeachEdge also provides an innovative AI platform to identify and acquire idle lots all across the country, allowing them to serve their clients better and give them a vast amount of viable options. “We sell these lots to developers and construction companies at a higher valuation after obtaining design permits at a much faster pace than any of our competitors,” shared the team.

With founder and CEO Nikhil Choudhary at the helm of BeachEdge, clients have been extremely satisfied with the remarkable services that the company has consistently offered. “Beach homes have always been reserved for the wealthy, and we wanted to disrupt this very notion,” expressed Choudhary.

BeachEdge has vacation homes in three key locations as of the moment. These locations are Los Angeles, Portland, and San Francisco. In the near future, the company plans to spread its wings all across the United States by including more locations that will also expand its customer base and help more people find the homes that they truly want.

Learn more about BeachEdge by visiting the company’s official website. You can also follow its social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more live updates.

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