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Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Improve Honor Bar

You simply might have run into an issue in your Google Chrome browser that’s preventing you from browsing the internet normally. This could be due to slow loading time, frequent crashes, or loss of data. Regardless of what the culprit is, if you are interest in changing Google Chrome settings and removing this “hiccup”, then read on!

Simple Solutions

The solution is simple: just apply these 5 secret techniques to improve your honor bar (or one of your other Google Chrome plugins/options). The results will be immediate and gratifying.

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The 5 Secret Techniques To Improve Honor Bar:

  1. Make Google Chrome Browse Faster On PCs And Laptops : YES, Google Chrome is capable of significantly speeding up your browser on a computer. This is due to better memory management, gzip compression and a host of other features. Luckily, the developers have made it very easy for you to enable this feature—simply go to chrome://flags/#use-a-transparent-proxy-stack (copy and paste this link into your browser) and change this setting from “Default” to “Enabled”. Restart your browser (just once), and be prepare for some seriously fast browsing. You are welcome.
  2. Forward The Files You Need To With Chrome : If you are planning on downloading an application, or a file that is too big to download onto your camera, then you can save time by making these transfers with Google Chrome. Just open up the “Chrome Options” application, go to the “Settings” tab and click on the “Advanced” button. From there, scroll down to “Show advanced settings…” and click on that link. Next, scroll down to “Show forwarded…” and click on that link. This will display all of your transfers in the list. Select one and click the “Forward” button, then tap the “Save” button. This is all there is to it!
  3. Install Google Chrome Extensions: If you search for the term “plugins” on your computer (especially for Google Chrome), there will be dozens or even hundreds of extensions that offer to improve your browser experience. But, it is highly recommend that you stay away from these as they can potentially cause more issues than they solve. Just stick with the basics and keep your machine clean.
  4. Enable Tab Previews In Chrome: This only works if you have Google Chrome Friends With Benefits (which is a feature that allows websites to communicate with each other). But, if it’s enable and you are on a large site with multiple tabs, then you will see small screenshots of all of your open tabs in the upper-right corner of your browser screen. This is especially helpful if you are using multiple tabs at the same time, and you want to switch between them. Just hover over the tab and click on it!
  5. Disable Google Chrome Cache: If you are looking to upgrade your Google Chrome browser performance, then this is something that you should do. The cache will store all of your favorite pages until you clear it out, so that you can revisit them in the future without having to search for them again.

Benefits of Honor Bar:

  1. Honor Bar is best for low-memory computers : If you are using a laptop or Windows-desktop computer, then this will be a great way to reduce slow loading times.
  2. It can save you internet bandwidth : When you stream videos from websites, like YouTube, it will help to bring down your monthly usage and your streaming quality.
  3. Honor Bar helps in making Chrome faster : The best way to make Google Chrome faster is by disabling the browser cache and the download manager in it.
  4. It can add extra features in Chrome: Some of the best features and extensions that you can add in your browser are to remove clutter, block pop-ups and to enable the tab preview feature.
  5. Honor Bar provides you with a replacement for the download manager : If you are looking for something that is better the default download manager in Google Chrome, Hash Tab is your best bet (which provide speed boosts up to 300%).


If the tips in this article really helped you out, then please share them with others. You can also return to this page anytime you are having issues with your Google Chrome browser and apply these techniques to fix them. They will help to make it run smoother, faster and safer than before. Enjoy!

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