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Alan J. Omar Developing Life Skills Through Sports

“If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat.” – Herschel Walker

Sports contribute a great deal to the success that one achieves in life. The people who play sports have superior problem-solving abilities, a great work ethic, exceptional motivational skills, and a competitive spirit desirous of winning. The people who play sports can develop important life skills that would help them personally and professionally. There is a close link between sports and success in life. Many people don’t realize it, but sports is key to a happy and successful life. Alan J. Omar’s life demonstrates how playing sports can help one acquire success in life.

Born on the 2nd of February, 1983, in Kurdistan, Sulaymaniyah, Kurdish Region of Iraq, Omar was once a youngster who indulged in sports. When he was a child, Omar displayed just how talented he was in playing soccer as he competed from city to national championships. He displayed his talent at playing soccer and played table tennis when he was just a child and won the championship in his province.

Later, when Omar moved to the Netherlands, he played table tennis. However, the only difference was that now he was playing for a prestigious athletic club. While playing for this prestigious athletic club, Omar quickly became a professional who competed in national tournaments and won many titles. As far as Omar is concerned, sports have helped him develop crucial life skills. The primary life skill that sports have taught Omar is self-discipline, and it has paved the way for success in his life. Self-discipline alone made Omar achieve heights of success when he moved to the United States, the land of opportunity. Apart from self-discipline, sports also teach people how to give their best. Had Omar not been giving his best, he would never have been able to lay the groundwork for The Capital Gate in 2015. The Capital Gate is a real estate investment firm and private equity that has laid its footing in the United States to give international stakeholders a platform.

Apart from the two benefits mentioned above, playing sports makes people better decision-makers. Omar has acquired such great heights of success because he has been a great decision maker all his life. The secret to Omar’s success also lies in his ability to build teams. This is one other reason he has even been able to find The Capital Gate.

Omar was just fifteen years old when he acquired the job of a construction worker in the Netherlands. This job made him learn the basics of an excellent work ethic. However, his learning was assisted by playing sports too. When he first arrived in the United States of America, Omar worked at a grocery store and local bakery. In high school, he started working for Christian Dior, whereas, in 2005, he founded The Capital Gate. Later in 2008, Omar established local market deli and gas station ventures. At 32, he went back to school and graduated summa cum laude, with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with Majors in Finance and Accounting.

Omar’s achievements reflect how playing sports enables people to develop greater confidence, better team-working abilities, and better leadership skills. The skills one learns as an athlete determine how successful one will be in business. The most important skills that Omar learned by playing sports as a child are teamwork and self-discipline. These are the two most important skills that Omar has developed by playing sports in his life. Had it not been for these two skills, the investor, entrepreneur, businessman, and real estate developer would never have acquired so much success.

In 2015, the groundwork for The Capital Gate was built strategically. Omar focused on the organization’s diversified and lowest-risk investment opportunities to offer long-term growth. Later, in 2014, Omar sold his first licensed Seva Market & Deli retail station in Manassas Park, Virginia. The thing worth noting about Omar is that his success can easily be assessed by the successful positions he has reached in leading corporations. The years he spent playing sports have contributed greatly to his success. All of the skills that gave Omar an edge in competitive sport have also given him an edge in business. These skills include determination, practice, and focus. Not only this, but sports also teach people to stay cool under pressure and show them that hard work eventually pays off. In short, playing sport creates expansive entrepreneurs.

Alan Omar is a Global Diplomatic Center (GDC) board, member. He is noteworthy because he counsels the executive team in organizational development, management, and strategic financial guidance. He even serves as a board member on Iraq Aid. This nonprofit organization believes in giving opportunities to those in need and motivates economic development. As can be seen from Alan Omar’s example, people can develop life skills through sports just like he has done.

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