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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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AdTech Leader Truvid Launches New Content Offering, ‘24 Data’

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Content innovation and creativity are prerequisites to thriving in the adtech space. Backed by forward-thinking minds to transform these ideas into reality, the leading adtech players continuously adapt to market and consumer trends to stay ahead of the curve in a continuously evolving tech and business ecosystem.

Truvid, a video advertising technology solution that delivers a unique, technological-driven platform through state-of-the-art video experiences, announces the launch of 24 Data, offering live, data-driven insights in real-time in various languages. Known for its progressive approach to pushing barriers, Truvid’s newest content offering is designed to supercharge every user’s video experience and provide an unmatched level of content engagement and data.

The team behind Truvid understands the pivotal role of video content in digital marketing. Through relentless innovation and creativity, their goal is to provide out-of-the-box content offerings that will optimize engagement and improve overall user experience. This served as the catalyst for 24 Data.

24 Data’s live real-time data is fully compatible with the Truvid Player, displaying up-to-date data to users while they watch videos and creating a more dynamic and interactive experience. With this integration, 24 Data helps optimize user engagement on websites. Users are more likely to stay longer, return frequently, and have a positive experience when they have access to dynamic and relevant content. 

Moreover, 24 Data has an in-house team capable of producing template videos. This means they can create pre-designed video formats that can be customized and used by each publisher to display various data, or other information in a visually compatible format with the website it is integrated with.

24 Data provides a comprehensive set of verticals aimed at enhancing user experiences on websites, including:

Weather Data: 24 Data offers completed weather data, providing accurate and up-to-date information on current weather conditions and forecasts.

Daily Horoscope Data: 24 Data is in the process of executing Daily Horoscope Data. This can be valuable content for websites targeting astrology enthusiasts or users seeking personal insights.

Live Sports Score Updates: With this feature, 24 Data provides real-time updates on sports scores, delivered to users as the events happen. This keeps sports enthusiasts engaged and informed about ongoing matches of their favorite sports teams.

CEO of Truvid, Roee Lichtenfeld said, “Truvid’s latest content offering redefines video engagement. By seamlessly integrating real-time data with the Truvid Player, users now enjoy a dynamic and interactive viewing experience. “ He explained “We recognize the instrumental role content plays for both Publishers and Content Creators in enhancing user experiences, and therefore will continue to innovate our content offerings.”

About Truvid
Truvid is a unique technological-driven platform that empowers Publishers and end-users by delivering unmatched video experiences. They’ve developed a distinctive business that enables Publishers, Content Owners, and Advertisers to instantly connect to a live video ecosystem while communicating between themselves to empower audiences around the globe.

Note on the Ad Tech Industry
The ad tech industry as a whole thrives on a dynamic combination of technological innovation and strategic creativity. In an era of digital transformation, where consumer behavior and market trends evolve rapidly, staying at the forefront of the adtech landscape demands continuous adaptation and forward-thinking strategies. Ad tech companies across the spectrum recognize the importance of harnessing cutting-edge technologies and novel approaches to create engaging and personalized experiences for users.

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