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Actor and Social Media Influencer David Murrietta on Juggling His Acting Career with His Personal Life and Chasing Success

Working in the creative and entertainment world can go in two ways—achieve success or fail. Actor and social media influencer David Murietta has found a way to thrive in the entertainment industry, social media, and his personal life. David Murrietta grabs every opportunity to move ahead, which has helped him build his name in the entertainment world.

David Murrietta is an actor, social media influencer, and vlogger at Dalex Vlogs, which he runs with his wife, Alexandra Creteau. He has ramped up an impressive resume in film and television over a very short time with appearances in films like Underdog, Vicious Circle, Internal Conflict, Taps, Sunset Glory: Doolittle’s Heroes, Angelics: Ascension, and Grey’s Anatomy, to name a few.

David has personalized stud roles and is well-known for playing police officer and army-men roles in films and television shows. One fact that sets him apart is that he never had any acting training before he landed his first role. His acting journey has also been largely accidental, as it was not always a dream he actively worked towards achieving.

“I got into the acting and influencer business quite late. But, seeing how little theatrical training and experience I had, I was determined to make up for that by creating as much content as possible. So I have been involved in virtually everything from dramatic short stories to comedy sketches and full feature films. Anything that seems like it would project me further, I am all in,” David said.

Before he took on his journey in entertainment full-time, the actor had a background in business and law enforcement. He moved from San Jose to San Francisco to pursue a career in entertainment, and the journey began from there. After a few roles, he moved to Los Angeles, where he took entertainment as a fully fledged career that now spans social media influencing, vlogging, modeling, and fashion.

His social media presence is marked with over 85,000 followers on Instagram. He also runs a YouTube channel with his wife, Alexandra Creteau, where they both host a vlog called Dalex Vlogs. On their vlog, they share lifestyle videos, travel stories, health tips, and dating tips. They have a cumulative 700,000 views on all their videos, and the views continue to grow daily.

Looking back on his journey, he never envisaged getting to this point or taking entertainment as a full-time career. Finding himself as an entertainer that many people have grown to love is a dream come true, and he intends to make full use of the platform he now owns. He hopes to contribute to pressing issues in the world and use his influence to inspire those who have given up on their dreams because of one difficulty or the other.

“Perseverance always pays off in the end, and I would like to help people believe in themselves again,” David said. Learn more about David Murrietta on his official Instagram page or check out Dalex Vlogs on the YouTube channel.

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