Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Ace Pacific Brings Media Exposure and Digital Authority to Businesses and Personalities

The world today marks the true digital era as information can now be shared with the click of a button. This advancement in technology has changed how business is done, as digital media authority and exposure are now considered essential. For this reason, Ace Pacific is helping these businesses and individuals take advantage of the digital space to ensure their growth and longevity.

Headquartered in Irvine, California, Ace Pacific is a high-end digital agency offering a range of services extending from a worldwide press release, social media management, podcast, and TV placement to top-tier full digital features within a range of different verticals and niche markets. The agency works with companies across all niches within financial, accounting, legal and healthcare verticals from mid-level companies, Fortune 500 companies to the music and entertainment industry, aligning its digital media expertise to whatever challenges or projects needed by the client to provide a managed solution while adhering to set budget with guaranteed fulfillment.

Focusing on the music and entertainment industry as a niche market, Ace Pacific collaborates with up-and-coming hip-hop artists to help them create an online footprint and achieve digital authority. The agency manages the artist’s digital presence from feature selection to social media strategy and interviews, leaving the artist to focus on the upward trajectory of their music career. In addition, Ace Pacific helps bridge the gap between the artists and their fans while keeping them connected on social media platforms and streaming sites such as iTunes & Spotify. 

Ace Pacific’s track records of success and client fulfillment make it a one-stop shop for all digital media needs. As a matter of fact, the agency generates 50% of its new business from referrals of satisfied clients. “We choose transparency and integrity as pillars of our foundation. We believe that if you are forthcoming with your clients about realistic expectations that you can manage any situation.”

At the company’s helm is founder and CEO Cory Chamberlain, a digital media expert who realized early that punching in the clock in the corporate world was not the path he wanted in life. “As you grow older, you realize that there are two paths in life. One path leads through corporate hierarchy, which enslaves you to a specific schedule, allotted PTO benefits and quota. Quota has never been the issue; rather, certain positions’ longevity always seems to lead to employees eventually being replaced. Also, I realize in many cases, no matter how much revenue you generate for a company, they will never equally pay you based on your performance. The second path leads to full ownership of your brand, which is more rewarding within every facet of the business, from revenue, profitability,” he explained.

Wanting full autonomy of his time, Cory Chamberlain chose the “red pill” and chose to be an entrepreneur over the job and financial security offered in the corporate world. Today, he is the CEO of Ace Pacific, one of the top digital agencies in the country with a growth rate of 25% over the last two years. 

Cory Chamberlain wants to expand his company by bringing media solutions and digital exposure to companies and personalities in the coming years. “I see no world will digital media will weaken businesses that have not thought about their digital images, website, backlinks, press release, media features, podcast options, LinkedIn b2b marketing are following behind the competition.” He predicts that marketing departments will either catch up or outsource their services to an Authority Titan or Ace Pacific.

To learn more about Cory Chamberlain and his digital agency, Ace Pacific, visit the company’s website.

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