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Accord Party’s Comrade Iyere Secures Ticket For Edo Guber, Picks Dr. Enabulele As Running Mate

Accord Party's Comrade Iyere Secures Ticket For Edo Guber, Picks Dr. Enabulele As Running Mate
Photo Courtesy: Accord Party Candidate

Comrade Kennedy Iyere, on Saturday, February 17, 2024, clinched the nomination as the Accord Party candidate for the upcoming gubernatorial election in Edo State. This triumph sets the stage for a formidable challenge against Dennis Idahosa of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and other contenders.

Accompanying Iyere in this election is his esteemed deputy, Dr. Bright Enabulele, a renowned businessman with a shared vision for progressive Edo State. Together, their primary mission as public officials is to champion the promotion of the rule of law, a cornerstone of their political agenda.

Comrade Iyere and Dr. Enabulele recognize the critical importance of upholding the rule of law, viewing it as fundamental to ensuring justice, fairness, and accountability in governance. Their commitment to this principle underscores their dedication to a just and equitable society for all residents of Edo State.

Commenting on the emergence of Comrade Iyere and Dr. Enabulele as Accord’s preferred candidate for the 2024 Edo guber, the State Party Chairman expressed confidence in their ability to lead Edo towards a brighter future. He emphasized that the State has long suffered under undeserving leaders who have mismanaged the state’s wealth and affairs.

We believe that Kennedy Iyere and Bright Enabulele possess the leadership qualities and integrity needed to steer Edo State in the right direction,” stated the Accord Party Chairman. “For too long, our state has endured the consequences of poor governance and neglect. It is time for a new era of visionary leadership that prioritizes the welfare and progress of our people.”

Comrade Iyere, on his part, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the party’s electorate, stating, “I am deeply humbled by the overwhelming support and trust placed in me by the people of Edo State. Your belief in our vision for a better Edo State would inspire me to work tirelessly .”

Echoing Iyere’s words, Dr. Enabulele provided a detailed explanation of how their much-talked-about commitment to drive the rule of law would not only improve the justice system of the state but also the social system. “Edo State is blessed with abundant resources that, if properly managed, can propel us to unprecedented heights of prosperity,” he remarked. “Unfortunately, past governments have squandered these resources, leading to widespread poverty and underdevelopment. Our administration will prioritise the efficient utilization of these resources for the benefit of all Edo State residents.”

The victory of Comrade Iyere and Dr. Enabulele in the Accord Party primary election, however, represents a pivotal moment in the political landscape of Edo State. Their platform resonates with voters who seek genuine change and a government that prioritizes the interests of the people above all else.

As the gubernatorial campaign gains momentum, Comrade Iyere and Dr. Enabulele are poised to articulate their vision for Edo State, engaging with citizens across the state to garner support and build momentum for their transformative agenda. Their message of accountability, transparency, and inclusive governance resonates deeply with the aspirations of Edo State residents.

With the gubernatorial election drawing near, all eyes are on Iyere and Enabulele as they embark on a journey to redefine leadership in Edo State.


Published By: Aize Perez

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