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A Philanthropist and Leader – Tomasz Dowbor’s Commitment to Social Change

A Philanthropist and Leader – Tomasz Dowbor's Commitment to Social Change
Photo credit: Tomasz Dowbor

Located in the Republic of Angola, Warsaw-born entrepreneur Tomasz Dowbor has carved a niche for himself as a pioneering individual in the construction and real estate industries. Drawn to Angola in 1994, over three decades, Dowbor has become a stalwart figure in the Angolan market, specializing in the conception, development, and management of numerous real estate projects that have a mark on the nation’s urban landscape.

Beyond his impressive business acumen, Dowbor’s commitment to philanthropy shows a deep-seated dedication to social causes. At the core of Tomasz’s career lies a foundation built upon a multifaceted educational journey and a pursuit of expertise. Having navigated both public and private educational institutes in Warsaw during his early years, Dowbor honed his intellectual acumen. His academic prowess earned him a degree in Theology and Philosophy from the Catholic Academy of Theology in Warsaw.

Complementing this philosophical foundation, Dowbor augmented his skills with a postgraduate degree in Business Management from the Catholic University of Lisbon, Portugal. However, his commitment to continuous learning expands beyond it, as evidenced by his participation in an array of specialized training programs. From Neurolinguistic Programming with Anthony Robbins in global metropolises to Emotional Intelligence and Power Business with Paulo Vieira, Dowbor’s commitment to diverse learning experiences underscores the breadth of his expertise.

Tomasz appeared as a business tycoon in Angola’s real estate sector, boasting a career that spans over three decades and makes a huge positive difference in the nation’s urban landscape. With a specialized focus on the implementation, development, and management of real estate projects, Dowbor has not only achieved but surpassed industry standards. His extensive portfolio includes the successful delivery of more than 10,000 residences and the completion of 15 distinct real estate projects, among them the acclaimed “Vereda das Flores,” “Ville Vermount,” and “Infinity I” developments. From innovative residential complexes to commercial spaces, Dowbor’s visionary approach has redefined the real estate paradigm, setting new benchmarks for excellence and sustainability in the burgeoning Angolan market.

In a stride towards shaping Angola’s urban future, Tomasz leads the huge undertaking known as “Urbanização Boa Vida.” This project, conceived and developed in collaboration with his brother, Mr. Wojciech Dowbor, stands as an example of the duo’s visionary prowess and commitment to the nation’s progress. Spanning an investment period of two years from 2014 to 2016, and valued at over one hundred million US dollars of their own funds, “Urbanização Boa Vida” represents a pinnacle in Dowbor’s career.

Currently under construction, the project comprises the construction of 5,800 residential units, poised to accommodate and provide employment opportunities for over 80,000 individuals. Amidst challenges such as the global COVID-19 pandemic and macroeconomic uncertainties, Dowbor’s strategic leadership seeks innovative solutions to propel the Boa Vida Group forward.

Beyond construction and real estate, Tomasz also invests a majority of his time and wealth in philanthropic campaigns. Reflecting a commitment to social responsibility, Dowbor has excelled in various impactful initiatives. Programs like “Talentos Angola” focus on capacity-building for young nationals, while “Embaixadores Boa Vida” extends social actions throughout the country. Dowbor’s dedication to societal well-being is further evident in projects like “Feira da Arquitetura,” providing employment opportunities for recent graduates, and “Festival da Saúde,” offering free medical consultations for employees and their families.

The philanthropic spectrum broadens with initiatives such as blood donation campaigns, mega sporting events, and the donation of essential goods to drought victims. Dowbor’s endeavors touch every facet of Angolan society, ranging from educational support and healthcare to commemorating national heroes and supporting various charitable organizations.

At the intersection of business acumen and compassionate leadership, Tomasz emerges as a philanthropist with a heart as vast as his visionary mind. From pioneering real estate projects to his myriad philanthropic initiatives, Dowbor’s story exemplifies a holistic approach to leadership. His endeavors, ranging from “Natal Solidário” (Solidarity Christmas) for 500 children in Caxito to supporting the rehabilitation of the Pediatrics Department at Maternidade Lucrécia Paim, showcase a dedication to societal well-being.

The “Solidarity Gala” in partnership with Banco BNI and the donation of over 500,000 meals annually underscore Dowbor’s enduring efforts to create positive change. As of today, Tomasz stands as a visionary entrepreneur whose philanthropic endeavors amplify the transformative impact of his business success, creating a legacy that extends far beyond construction and real estate.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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