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A Look at Unique Party Favors Your Guests Can Enjoy

A Look at Unique Party Favors Your Guests Can Enjoy
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Whether throwing a baby shower, a birthday party, a wedding, or another significant event, you want to impress your guests from start to finish. Often, party favors are an afterthought in party planning, but they especially impact the guest experience. As take-home gifts, they serve as a lasting reminder of the event. Great party favors are unique and memorable and serve an actual function for the party guests. After all, you do not want to pay for items that find their way into the trash can as soon as the guests return home, and your guests want to avoid junk. What are some great party favor ideas that your guests will love?

Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are small, metallic medallions that are often associated with the military. However, they are successfully used by businesses and individuals as well for various special events. Challenge coins can be customized to suit your specific needs. Given the high quality of challenge coins and their durable, metallic composition, these party favors can be kept as a keepsake of the special event for years or even decades. While challenge coins are often displayed, such as on a desk or a bookshelf, they can be stored in a keepsake box or another special location for safekeeping.

Personalized Wine Glasses

Another useful and unique party favor option is wine glasses. Wine glasses can be personalized with any special message that reflects the host’s personality or interests, the event’s cause, or another relevant factor. Alternatives to wine glasses include personalized beer mugs and shot glasses. When selecting the right glassware to use as party favors for your event, consider who your guests are and which product they may be more likely to use in their daily lives.

Playing Cards

Playing cards are not a typical party gift, and their uniqueness makes them a smart option to consider for your next event. The deck’s images, coloring, and storage box can be customized. A deck of playing cards may not be used daily. Still, it can easily be stored away in a drawer or cabinet until family and friends are ready to play. When the cards are pulled out, they are a great reminder of the special event.


Keychains serve a daily function for everyone. Your keychain party favors can be customized with engraving and a specific design to suit your guests’ interests. Some keychains hold a bottle opener and may be great for birthday party favors and bachelor party favors. For optimal impact, choose a high-quality material like metal or leather.

The purpose of party favors is to thank your guests for attending. They may also be customized to remind guests of the celebration. These are only some of the many excellent party favor options that are useful and unique. As you check out the options, focus on items that appeal to most of the guests and that are suitable for the event.

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