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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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23-Year-old Steve Sandoval Shows Unyielding Determination to Succeed in Real Estate

Steve Sandoval, a 23-year old realtor, is taking the unconventional route in the real estate business and is determined to succeed at all costs. He recently made a bold move, which had him holding a sign that read “Starving for Success” on the side of FM Highway 1488 in Texas. His partner Chelsea Anderson has also thrown her full weight behind him in support and has been the other half of a power couple in the making.

Steve has always put his work ethic first before anything else; thus, it came as no surprise when he stood on one side of the highway to promote his business. He has never been one to fancy taking up a 9 to 5 job; so, he took the bull by the horns and chose the unconventional way to promote himself. Chelsea fully supported his crazy idea of standing on the road. In her words, “We were having a hard time getting our business onto traditional promotional channels, and things weren’t looking so great. Steve had to do what he had to do, and I fully supported him.”

Steve has attributed his strength to his partner’s support. They have been together for four years and are trying to build an empire out of a real estate agency. “Getting a supportive partner is hard these days, and having Chelsea, who supports all my crazy ideas, is such a good thing. I feel very fortunate,” he says.

Their goal is to serve at least 140 clients (both buyers and sellers) every year as real estate agents, and they are willing to do what it takes to achieve that goal. The real estate industry has been dealt a huge blow, no doubt due to the pandemic, and Steve has had a hard time keeping up with the bills. This prompted him to take to the streets to promote his business in a non-traditional way hoping someone would see him and take his business card.

If there is anything Steve Sandoval hopes to pass on, it is the lesson that everyone needs to get out of their comfort zone at some point. He believes that living a fulfilling life requires a lot of work, which often involves doing what needs to be done. Steve has no plans to give up on his pursuit of a breakthrough. He is eager to show clients what he can do and how far he is willing to go for them. “All I rely on is my work ethic. I’d like to get people to experience that at least once,” he says. 

Steve and Chelsea know that starting a business in the real estate industry is tough for newcomers, and they are willing to go to those great lengths together until things pick up. They are committed to making things work out for them as a young couple working together and supporting each other. This is their strength, and they hope they send a message of positivity to as many people as possible that great things are possible with the right support.

“We are lucky to have each other. When I need his support, Steve is always right there for me, and I make sure I am there for him too. Supporting each other this way has made things fun so far, and we wouldn’t do things differently at any other time,” Chelsea says.

To get in contact with Chelsea and Steve, reach them through their company’s email address at lustrecorp@gmail.com.

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