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Gabriela Rocha Elevates Gospel Music with ‘Me Atraiu’, Securing a Spot in YouTube’s Top 10 in Brazil for 2023

This Thursday marked a pivotal moment in the Brazilian music scene as YouTube revealed its list of the most-viewed videos of 2023, highlighting a significant milestone in the music category. Gabriela Rocha, a prominent figure in gospel music, has achieved an extraordinary feat by placing her hit ‘Me Atraiu’ in the top 10 rankings.

Rocha’s music video for ‘Me Atraiu’ stands as a beacon in the gospel genre, impressively securing the 6th spot with over 156 million views. This achievement is not just a personal victory for Rocha, but a landmark for gospel music in a landscape traditionally dominated by other genres. Her YouTube channel, boasting an impressive 8.95 million subscribers and over 3.5 billion views, now holds the distinction of being the largest gospel music channel worldwide. These numbers reflect not only Rocha’s significant influence in the music industry but also the growing popularity and acceptance of gospel music among broader audiences.

The top 10 list is predominantly filled with country folk artists such as Ana Castela, Simone Mendes, Israel and Rodolffo, Gusttavo Lima, among others. Gabriela Rocha’s inclusion as the only gospel artist in this lineup is a testament to her unique artistry and the universal appeal of her music. It signifies a refreshing diversity in the musical tastes of Brazilian audiences and the increasing recognition of gospel music as a powerful and emotive genre.

The song ‘Me Atraiu’, released in February as part of the album ‘A Presença’, resonates deeply with its audience. The opening lyrics, “I could be anywhere else / But Your Glory attracted me / Your Presence attracted me I tried to hide, for fear of not living / But Your Glory attracted me / Your Presence attracted me”, strike a chord with listeners, weaving a narrative of faith and inspiration. The song’s blend of powerful vocals, compelling lyrics, and Rocha’s passionate delivery contribute to its profound impact.

Gabriela Rocha’s success with ‘Me Atraiu’ is a remarkable indicator of gospel music’s evolving place in the global music scene. It reflects a shift in the musical landscape, where diverse genres find their place in the limelight, celebrated and embraced by a wide array of audiences. This achievement underscores the importance of representation in music and the power of a genre that speaks to the soul.

In 2023, the top 10 music videos in Brazil featured a diverse range of artists and genres. Topping the charts was Ana Castela with her hit ‘Nossa Diretoria,’ followed by Simone Mendes with ‘Belo erro’ at the second spot. Zé Neto e Cristiano’s ‘Oi Balde’ took the third position, while ‘Seu brilho acabou (vamos lá)’ by Israel & Rodolffo featuring Mari Fernandez secured the fourth place. Naiara Azevedo and Ana Castela’s collaboration ‘Palhaço’ claimed the fifth spot, and Gabriela Rocha’s live performance of ‘Me atraiu’ came in at sixth place. Gusttavo Lima’s ‘Desejo imortal,’ recorded live at Mineirão, ranked seventh, followed by Zé Neto e Cristiano’s ‘Pátio do Posto’ at eighth place. Ana Castela’s ‘Solteiro Forçado’ and Luan Pereira’s ‘Ela enlouqueceu no Dodge Ram’ rounded out the top 10, showcasing the vibrant music scene in Brazil for the year.

Gabriela Rocha Elevates Gospel Music with 'Me Atraiu', Securing a Spot in YouTube's Top 10 in Brazil for 2023

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Nose Mastery: Inside the World of Rhinoplasty with Dr. Guilherme Scheibel

Rhinoplasty, more commonly known to Americans as “nose jobs”, is not just about enhancing physical beauty. This procedure holds the transformative power to rejuvenate self-confidence and foster a genuine identification with one’s self-image. From Brazil to international spheres, one name prominently stands out in this specialized procedure: the otolaryngologist Dr. Guilherme Scheibel from the Scheibel Institute located in Maringá. With a rock-solid career and outstanding outcomes, he has become a go-to reference in this arena, placing the Brazilian city of Maringá on the global map for rhinoplasty.

Graduating from the esteemed Evangelical College of Paraná, Dr. Scheibel’s journey has been paved with relentless dedication and an ambition to innovate in the aesthetic domain. His residency in Otolaryngology and Cervico Facial Surgery from Santa Casa de Curitiba (PUC-PR), coupled with fellowships under the mentorship of some of the best rhinoplasty surgeons of his time, has honed his expertise. Furthermore, his specialist credentials from the Brazilian Medical Association and the Brazilian Society of Otolaryngology attest to his mastery in the field.

In an exclusive chat, Dr. Scheibel shared insights about the art and science of rhinoplasty. He stressed, “Rhinoplasty is more than mere cosmetic surgery. It’s about reshaping personal identity. My aim is to deliver results that appear natural, perfectly complementing each patient’s face while enhancing their breathing functionality.”

Nose Mastery: Inside the World of Rhinoplasty with Dr. Guilherme Scheibel

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Beyond the surgical theater, Dr. Scheibel is a celebrated speaker on the international stage of rhinoplasty. Taking his commitment to education a step further, he pioneered the world’s first “Virtual Fellow” platform for doctors. With a network of over a thousand physicians, this platform is a goldmine where Dr. Scheibel shares revolutionary techniques with otolaryngologists and plastic surgeons worldwide. “Virtual Fellow has revolutionized how surgeons grasp advanced rhinoplasty techniques. It allows access to comprehensive surgeries in a streamlined fashion, enabling learning from real-life cases. Most folks are unaware, but rhinoplasty is arguably the most intricate aesthetic surgery and quite daunting for doctors. Before this platform, a structured step-by-step guide was amiss. A single misstep could drastically mar the end result. With my approach, not only can doctors meticulously plan the surgery but can also attain outcomes that either mirror or surpass the simulation shown to the patient during the initial consultation. I’m committed to globally advancing rhinoplasty by sharing my proprietary techniques,” revealed Dr. Scheibel, who annually welcomes scores of international medical professionals to Maringá for skill enhancement.

The Scheibel Institute, his brainchild, mirrors Dr. Scheibel’s vision of holistic patient care. “At the Scheibel Institute, our mission is simple yet profound: to provide patients with an unparalleled experience. From their first interaction to years post-surgery, we want them to feel embraced and cared for. We boast a passionate, multidisciplinary team that excels at sculpting noses and, in essence, crafting dreams,” he proudly shares.

Recognizing the emotional weight that comes with the decision to undergo rhinoplasty, Dr. Scheibel emphasized the holistic care his institute offers. “We understand that opting for rhinoplasty is deeply personal, often riddled with expectations and anxiety. Hence, we provide psychological support throughout—from planning to post-op recovery—ensuring patients feel confident and secure.”

On the surgical front, the doctor elaborated on the innovative methods employed at his Institute. “We’re always in pursuit of excellence. We’ve pioneered surgical tools, techniques, and technologies that enable precise changes, ensuring predictable and safe outcomes. One notable method we employ is ultrasonic bone remodeling, which obviates the need to break nasal bones, leading to a less painful post-operative phase and quicker recovery.”

For Dr. Scheibel, patient satisfaction isn’t confined to the operating room. “Our commitment is to be there for our patients at every step, from travel planning assistance to post-operative care, with a 24/7 responsive team. Every patient should feel cherished and attentively cared for at every juncture,” he accentuated.

To learn more about Dr. Guilherme Scheibel, be sure to follow him on Instagram: @rinoplastiascheibel.

The Creator Brand: Igniting a Fashion Revolution Focused on Style, Purpose and Sustainability with Jeremy Ray Holst

In the realm of streetwear fashion, revered as the expressive canvas of identity, individualistic style, and cultural connotations, The Creator Brand, marshalled by the innovative prowess of Jeremy Ray (@jeremyrayofficial), is all set to leave a lasting impression. The brand is primed for its public debut with Drop #001, slated for the noteworthy day of February 15, 2024. This unveiling is set to pivot the discourse around streetwear, foregrounding a triad of styles, utilities, and sustainability.

Studying The Creator Brand’s Unique Mantra:

Central to The Creator Brand’s credo is a powerful doctrine, “made by us®.” This philosophy stretches beyond the mere exteriority of fashion, demanding more depth. The brand stresses emphatically on utility and adaptability. Clothes and accessories are perceived not merely as attire but as dynamic instruments designed to elevate the lives of the wearers.

In the words of the founder, Jeremy Ray Holst, “The Creator Brand infuses vitality into everyday objects. It creates a harmonious blend of style with functional utility and creative use.”

Unveiling Drop #001:

After an exhaustive creative quest lasting two years, The Creator Brand (@creatorvipclub) is looking forward to presenting its much-anticipated Drop #001. This exclusive release presents an enchanting symphony of design, encapsulating everything from innovative bags to cutting-edge blue light glasses. Each item within this collection personifies style meeting practicality, embodying the brand’s unwavering dedication to reshaping the narrative of street style.

Navigating Towards a Sustainable Future:

The Creator Brand distinguishes itself with its steadfast resolve towards environmental consciousness. Through eco-friendly methodologies and progressive design, the brand has embraced sustainability in every aspect. By deliberately choosing environmentally friendly materials and procedures, The Creator Brand ensures that its style statements are attuned to the well-being of the planet.

Delving Into The Brand:

Embracing the world of The Creator Brand requires a virtual expedition to creatorbrand.org. The website provides an extensive and immersive exploration of the brand, its myriad product range, and the resonant philosophy that separates it starkly from the intense competition of the streetwear genre. Sign up and be a part of a landmark moment in fashion history as the countdown to February 15, 2024, begins.

Broadening Boundaries:

In tune with the eagerly awaited launch of The Creator Brand, the founder, Jeremy Ray Holst, has planned a spectacular showcase. In addition to the groundbreaking streetwear collection, he will also be unveiling an album and a book on the same iconic day. This multilayered experience, meticulously woven together, promises an inspirational journey that fuels further creativity, reflecting the brand’s core spirit.

Understanding the Visionary: Jeremy Ray Holst (@Jeremyrayofficial):

To forge a deeper understanding of The Creator Brand’s novel ethos, one must delve into the visionary creativity of its founder, Jeremy Ray Holst. Follow him @jeremyrayholst and seize exclusive insights into his daring and revolutionary creative journey that propels The Creator Brand.

Jeremy Ray Holst (@jeremyrayofficial) & The Creator Brand (@creatorvipclub) are more than just connoisseurs of a streetwear collection. They stand determined at the vanguard of a lifestyle revolution with Drop #001. This isn’t merely a launch, but a manifestation of years of purpose-filled creativity, sincere commitment to sustainable practices, and a spiritual quest to inspire. As the world of fashion awaits this groundbreaking release, The Creator Brand is prepared to redraw the lines, delineating uncharted territories where style and substance tandem dance in harmony.

“Everything we create is designed to inspire creation,” they declare, endeavouring to empower a community of creators and blur the lines between fashion and art through this launch. This revolutionary move rings the bells for a fresh epoch in the ever-dynamic narrative of the streetwear landscape.