5 Quick Facts About Joseph Burkett, Lara Logan’s Husband

Army veteran Joseph Burkett gets wed to Lara Logan, a writer. During her nearly two decades as a journalist for CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” Logan was best recognized for her war reporting. There haven’t been any new episodes of her most current Fox Nation program, “Lara Logan Has No Agenda,” since late 2021.


What you should know is as follows.


  1. Burkett Was an Army Intelligence Officer Who Grew Up in Texas


Texas-born Burkett has a strong military history. He completed high school at the Marine Military Academy in 1991, according to his Facebook page.


Burkett claimed on his Facebook profile to have attended Pierce College and graduated in 1995. He also mentioned in his article that he attended the University of Texas in Austin.


Burkett afterwards served in the American Army. Burkett was described as a soldier in a 2012 New York Times Style Magazine article, and Logan noted that he “had a highly hidden job.” The New York Post identified Burkett as an employee of the American embassy in Iraq in 2008.


He was employed in intelligence for at least a portion of his military service. Burkett works for INSCOM, the U.S. Army Intelligence & Security Command, according to his Facebook page. According to the U.S., this division is in charge of carrying out “mission command of operational intelligence and security forces” globally. military website According to People magazine, Burkett was an Army master sergeant when he decided to leave the service.


Burkett has experience working on Capitol Hill, according to his CV. In 2012, he served as a congressional liaison, according to The New York Times Style Magazine. Burkett also stated on Facebook that he held the position of Noncommissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) in the Texas National Guard’s government affairs office from 2011 and 2015.


  1. Logan Claims to Have Proclaimed Her Love for Burkett in Baghdad


Burkett and Logan were already married when they first met. In a 2012 article for The New York Times Style Magazine, it was said that Logan and Burkett became “close friends” while spending years in conflict areas including Afghanistan and Iraq.


Before we started dating, I had known him for around six years, Logan told the magazine.


She said that while they were in Iraq, Burkett initiated the first action. He came to see me in Baghdad one evening and announced, “I guess I just fell in love with you. I was familiar with him enough to know that he would never say something without meaning it. Oh God, I believe it’s real and I think I’m in love with him at the same time, I thought to myself. The end was reached.


Logan said that she and her first husband, Jason Siemon, had already separated by the time she and Burkett started dating. Logan’s father, Derek Logan, told the magazine that Siemon played professional basketball in Europe and that living apart had damaged their marriage. Derek Logan remarked, “It had no chance; you can’t have a marriage if you’re away that often.”


  1. Burkett was wed when he and Logan began dating.


When Burkett and Logan start dating, they were still technically still marriy. According to the New York Post, his first wife Kimberly filed for divorce in January 2008.

The source said that Kimberly Burkett charged Logan with “seducing” her husband. An acquaintance of Logan’s who the Post did not name challenged that judgment. The acquaintance said that prior to his relationship with Logan, Joseph and Kimberly Burkett had been apart for six months.


According to the Post, the Burkett divorce conclud in August 2008. Logan was already expecting their first kid as a couple at that time. The New York Times was inform by Logan that she wed Burkett in 2008.


  1. Burkett has three kids, including two with Logan.


Burkett is the parent of one boy and two daughters. According to People, he and his first wife had a daughter called Ashley.


According to Fishbowl DC, Logan and Burkett had their first child together in December 2008. They gave Joseph as his name.


Lola Anne, the daughter, was born in March 2010.


In 2016, Logan talked openly about her son’s learning difficulties with People magazine. “He is a genius with a great intellect. However, his brain does not function the same as mine, remarked Logan. According to the magazine, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder were all identified in Joseph.


  1. Burkett and Logan sold her Washington, D.C., home for $1.8 million and relocated to Texas in 2015.


While their kids were still small, Burkett and Logan resided in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Cleveland Park. Logan paid $1.5 million for her Tudor-style home in 2008, according to the Washington Business Journal.


Logan first put the home, which had a saltwater pool, up for sale in January 2014 for $2.2 million. It in September 2015 for $1.8 million.


The family’s choice to relocate to Fredericksburg, Texas, happened at the same time as the sale. In order to be nearer to Burkett’s family, Logan informed People magazine that they had moved.