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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Top 2023 Legal Trends

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As the year comes to a close, CARET Legal has released a comprehensive report, offering a snapshot overview of the significant trends, challenges, and opportunities that emerged in the legal landscape over the past year, trends that are likely to follow us into the new year.  

The report provides an in-depth analysis of how these trends are changing the legal sector, emphasizing the increasing importance of technology and its impact on legal practice.

A Modern Tech Stack is Dire

A standout finding from the CARET Legal report is that a staggering 83% of lawyers now consider working at a tech-savvy law firm as very important. This trend underscores a critical shift in the legal profession, where technological innovation is not just a luxury but a necessity. Law firms that have embraced legal technology are seeing a reduction in employee turnover, indicating that tech-savvy environments are more appealing to legal professionals.

Administrative Tasks Hinder Productivity

The report reveals that 64.7% of lawyers agree that administrative tasks, particularly non-billable work, significantly hinder their ability to achieve business goals. This insight points to a growing frustration within the legal community about the time and resources spent on tasks that do not directly contribute to firm profitability or client service. It also highlights the need for law firms to streamline their administrative processes, potentially through automation and other technological solutions.

High Turnover Rates Among Lawyers

One of the more alarming statistics in the report is that 58% of lawyers are likely to leave their current law firm position in the next year. This trend indicates a level of dissatisfaction and unrest within the profession, possibly linked to the lack of technological advancement, overwhelming administrative burdens, or other systemic issues within the legal sector. Law firms must address these concerns to retain top talent and maintain a competitive edge.

Solving High Turnover with Innovative Technology

The connection between technological innovation and reduced turnover is becoming increasingly clear. Law firms that invest in technology are not only more efficient but also more attractive to legal professionals who value a modern, dynamic working environment. By embracing tech solutions, law firms can create a more satisfying work experience, potentially reducing the high turnover rates currently plaguing the industry.

The Shift Toward a More Tech-Driven Legal Practice

The findings from CARET Legal’s report indicate a significant shift towards a more tech-driven legal practice. As the legal industry grapples with challenges like administrative overload and high turnover rates, technology emerges as a key solution. From automating routine tasks to implementing advanced software for case management, technology is playing a central role in reshaping how legal services are delivered.

Adapting to Thrive in the Modern Legal Landscape

As we look to the future, the trends highlighted in the CARET Legal report suggest that the legal industry is at a crossroads. The choice for law firms is clear – adapt to the changing landscape by embracing technological innovation or risk falling behind. The legal professionals of today and tomorrow demand work environments that are not only efficient and effective but also forward-thinking and tech-enabled.

A Call to Action for Law Firms

The CARET Legal report serves as a wake-up call for the legal industry. In 2023, the trends are apparent – legal technology is no longer an option but a necessity. Law firms that recognize and respond to this paradigm shift will be better positioned to attract and retain top talent, meet their business goals, and lead the way in a rapidly evolving legal landscape. The time for action is now, and the future of legal services depends on the choices made today.

Twrl Milk Tea Authentic Cafe-Style Milk Teas Officially Launches at Sprouts Farmers Markets

By: Heather Holmes

Plant-Based and Low Sugar Milk Tea Drinks: Hojicha, Taiwan-Style black and Ube Flavors Now on Sprouts Shelves Nationwide

[San Francisco, December 20, 2023] – Acclaimed plant-based food and beverage company, Twrl Milk Tea, is officially launching three of its milk tea variants, Hojicha Roasted Green Milk Tea, Taiwan-Style black Tea and Ube Milk tea at all 400 Sprouts branches across the nation, marking a significant milestone for the 100% woman-owned business.

The Sprouts Family Welcomes a Sweet New Member

Twrl’s Milk Tea addition, alongside its Brown Sugar Boba to the Sprouts Family is a celebration of the cultural heritage of milk tea as well as Twrl’s efforts as an innovator in the industry. Twrl Milk Tea flavors that can be found in Sprouts shelves will include: 

  • Hojicha Roasted Green Milk Tea

Twrl’s Hojicha Roasted Green Milk Tea is a proud recipient of BevNet’s 2022 Best Beverage award as well as a finalist in NEXTY 2022. The variant promises a wonderful blend of flavor with notes of nuttiness, smoke and chocolate. Made with organic fair-trade tea, this beverage is low in sugar, calories and now features a refreshed design

  • Taiwan-Style Black Milk Tea

Using tea leaves grown on misty mountain slopes, Twrl’s Taiwan-style black Milk Tea is a full-bodied drink featuring notes of cinnamon and chocolate and contains three times as much antioxidants as standard black tea. This variant pays homage to the origins of Milk tea and is the original signature flavor that Twrl offers

  • Ube Milk Tea

As tribute to Asian-American Pacific Islander Month, Twrl launched its Ube Milk tea, a unique blend that features nutritious purple yam. The drink features ube farmed and harvested from small organic farms in Taiwan and brewed with organic Taiwanese mulberry leaf tea. This caffeine-free and nitro-infused drink is a nostalgic experience with hints of coconut, vanilla and earthiness.

A Delicious Blend Of Heritage And Innovation

Twrl Milk Tea represents a step forward in the way everyone drinks their favorite milk tea. Many traditional and cafe-served milk teas often have high amounts of sugar and calories. Twrl found a way for everyone to enjoy delicious sips of tea while also feeling great. Paying tribute to the traditional preparation of milk tea, Twrl uses single-origin, loose-leaf teas harvested from small organic farms but puts their own healthy twirl to the drink by using plant-based pea milk. Pea milk is eco-friendly as it regenerates the soil it grows in and uses 75% less water than almonds and other nut milks. Additionally, it boasts 1/8 the amount of carbs compared to oat milk. The result is a dairy-free sip of milk tea that’s good for you and the environment, tastes even better, and supports local multi-generational family farms.

Twrl Milk Tea also come in a 100% recyclable aluminum grab and go can so you can have a milk tea fix without having to drop by a cafe.

Reflecting On The Journey to Sprouts:

Pauline Ang and Olivia Chen, Twrl Milk Tea’s founders share their insights into the journey of entering the Sprouts family. inspired by their successful Costco launch the previous year, their entrance into Sprouts is a testament to their dedication to quality and perseverance. The founers expertly navigated through the beverage industry to discover the complexities of buyer dybamics and the impact of internal changes within companies. Their company is committed to quality, sustainability and amplifying the rewarding experience of sharing their love for Tea + Bob Milk Tea culture.

“We are launching into Sprouts Farmers Market and partnering together to lead the change in products available in our fridge and our pantry, offering a genuine connection to culture and community through the joy of shared tea moments. Sprouts’ mission, centered on providing customers with affordable access to natural and healthy items, perfectly complements our commitment to quality products. ” – Olivia Chen, Co-founder & CMO of Twrl Milk Tea

About Twrl Milk Tea

Discover the magic of Twrl Milk Tea, a culinary revelation crafted by long-time friends turned founders, Pauline Ang and Olivia Chen. Twrl is not just a brand; it’s a commitment to redefine and honor the Asian milk tea experience and heritage. Offering a range of delightful options, from the convenience of grab-n-go cans to the innovation of instant boba topping packets, Twrl brings a fresh perspective to tradition. Every sip reflects a dedication to sustainability, with single-origin teas sourced from organic family farms and blended with climate-friendly pea milk. As industry-recognized BevNet’s Best New Beverage Winners, Food Network Editor’s picks and celebrated by Bon Appetit Magazine, Twrl Milk Tea invites you to explore a world of flavor, culture, and conscientious indulgence. Join the journey at www.twrlmilktea.com.

For further inquiries, contact: 

Twrl Milk Tea