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Britain Under the Microscope: Author’s Latest Work Shines Light on Britain’s Actions in Bengal

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Britain colonized India in the 18th century, but the effects and results of the two-century rule of subjugation are still evident more than seventy-five years later. Author Fazle Chowdhury’s new upcoming book, With Blood and Flame: How the British Empire changed Bengal, is a fantastic piece of history that dissects the British empire’s period of ascendence and the degradation of a wealthy province. 

The book, which will be released on August 17, 2023, joins a list of many other books that the author has released in the past, with his most notable work, “Why Ukraine Matters.” Chowdhury’s new book explores the many questions that have come to the fore after the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 2022. 

Chowdhury is the author of eight books and, in his previous writings, has addressed the effects of the colonial era, both in fiction in his critically acclaimed novels The Other Side of Eden and Never Among Equals and now in non-fiction. With Blood and Flame, he has produced a gem where he has consistently maintained his objectivity, focusing on the realities of today and bridging that with the past actions of the British empire. 

Chowdhury explains that the British empire saw Bengal as a key supplier of its own economic resources that it badly needed, and through its British East India Company (EIC), exported the best of cotton and silk straight to the United States. It was so profitable that the British empire instituted the “1767 Townshend Acts”, one of a series of incidents that sparked the American Independence war against Britain.   

Having competing powers such as the Austrians, Dutch, French, and Portuguese, the British empire began to take drastic measures and, from 1757, at the Battle of Plassey, overthrew the last Bengal emperor. As the EIC would control Bengal in the next decades and after its end, London would rule Bengal directly from 1858. Their reigns would be a combination of mismanagement of the province altogether, turning a prosperous economic hub into the utmost and abject poverty within two hundred years while it extracted as much wealth as possible to its own cities in Glasgow and London.

By 1947, British colonial rule ended and two new countries, India and Pakistan, split Bengal between them. West Bengal went to India, and East Bengal formed the eastern wing of Pakistan. In 1971, the eastern wing of Pakistan (East Pakistan) became independent Bangladesh. 

Chowdhury assesses that while the Crown represented stability upon Queen Elizabeth’s ascendence in February 1952, in sharp contrast, the British elected government did not share the same characteristics. The Tory establishment was chiefly responsible for the actions of British forces in places like Aden, Cyprus, Kenya, Malaya, Nyasaland, Suez and Northern Ireland well after the era of British imperialism. As Chowdhury demonstrates, such episodes even after the end of the British empire, the imperialism mindset had not left. The British “ungentlemanly” actions, even after what looked like the days of the empire had been behind them, was still present.

As Chowdhury says in his Preface, “The odd reality is that the monarch was a mere symbolic face of a declining empire and some would even say a decline of democracy in Britain. Yet, some of the most brutal horrors of the British empire, such as the April 1919 Amritsar massacre, a butchery of British General Reginald Dyer that killed 379 unarmed men, women, and children in a single incident and injured more than a thousand. Similar episodes followed in Gujarat in November 1913 in the Mangarh massacre and then in 1922 the Pal-Dadhvav massacre.”

Finally, Chowdhury points out and with evidence that those reiterating that the “British had civilized India” is simply incorrect. Britain’s position as “extortionists” changed when they had few options but to grant India independence. He says, “Britain left India as close of a Gentleman as a bankrupt colonial power could be,” but it also left behind a treacherous subcontinent with preventable divisions, with one war looming, followed by three more wars, a genocide and a series of famines rooted from its own measure of governance. Something Britain should take responsibility for but never have.

Chowdhury’s precise analysis is ultimately a decisive rebuttal and a firm narrative that above all else and even the negative aspects of the British empire while still plaguing the political dynamics, could not stop the inevitable. In the 21st century and more than 75 years after colonial rule, Bangladesh and West Bengal are far from Steve Coll’s description of “the epitome of pathetic South Asian wretchedness.”

AllerPops Relieves Allergies at the Source

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Allergies are the bane of many people’s lives. While they can cause serious symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes, the worst part is that they’re not just annoying — they can also be dangerous in some cases. 

This is why people often turn to over-the-counter drugs for relief from allergies. However, that approach can have serious side effects and may even make allergy symptoms worse. Fortunately, there’s now a new way to treat allergies at their source: AllerPops.

AllerPops are a non-invasive treatment for allergies in the form of lollipops. They have been shown to soothe a wide variety of symptoms, including nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, headaches, sore throat, watery or red eyes, asthma, coughing, eczema, and muscle aches. They can provide long-lasting relief for both children and adults with seasonal, severe, or even chronic symptoms.

“Our purpose is to liberate millions from allergies,” said Dr. Cliff Han, the scientific mastermind behind AllerPops. “This is a revolutionary product and the ultimate solution to the allergy epidemic.”

A revolutionary new treatment for allergies

Unlike other allergy treatments, AllerPops relieve seasonal and certain forms of chronic allergies without the use of medication or injections. Made exclusively of FDA-approved food ingredients, AllerPops are an all-natural way to treat allergies as they contain no chemical drugs.

In addition, AllerPops have been scientifically tested and confirmed effective. Researchers at the world-famous Contract Research Organization (CRO) dicentra tested the treatment in a double-blind clinical trial. Over the course of 21 days, participants were randomly assigned to two groups. The results showed that AllerPops relieved symptoms of nasal congestion, sneezing, and runny nose for no less than a week after the cessation of treatment. The study also showed that AllerPops are safe to use and have minimal side effects. 

AllerPops are simple and easy to use. Just consume one of the lollipops, letting it dissolve slowly in your mouth for about an hour. Dr. Han recommends doing this every other day for about 11 days.

“You may have to change your oral hygiene routine briefly while completing your regimen of AllerPops since those products can interfere with the process,” Dr. Han explained. He also recommends avoiding mouthwash and refraining from excessive tooth brushing.

How AllerPops were invented

AllerPops are the first allergy treatment to be developed by the company. Their inventor, Dr. Cliff Han, is a medical doctor and biologist with 28 years of experience. After graduating from medical school at Jining Medical College in 1985, he earned his master’s degree in Psychiatry from Soochow University in 1992 before going on to receive his Ph.D. in Genetics from Fudan University in Shanghai, China in 1996. 

After working in a hospital for four years, Dr. Han went to Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), where he served as a Team Lead for the Human Genome Project for nearly 22 years. During this time, he guided research into hundreds of bacterial genomes and authored over 300 academic articles.

Dr. Han is also the first person ever to have used AllerPops since he initially tested them on himself. That’s because he developed this innovative solution to alleviate his own allergies, which suddenly beset him in 2014. His symptoms included red and itchy eyes, rhinorrhea, nasal congestion, coughing, tearing, an aching throat, and a tight chest.

For three years, Dr. Han experimented on himself, trying to find a way to eliminate his allergies. Hypothesizing that their cause wasn’t in his environment but rather in his body’s own microbiome, he tried multiple ways to boost his personal levels of beneficial oral bacteria. His efforts gradually saw success, and his findings guided him toward a specific prebiotic mix; thus, the prototype for AllerPops was born.

In the spring of 2017, I revealed the secret behind allergic reactions that nobody had discovered,” Dr. Han says on his LinkedIn profile. “The application of my newly found theory, AllerPops, relieved my family’s allergies shortly after.”

Dr. Han now dedicates himself to developing products that help alleviate allergy symptoms through natural means rather than relying solely upon pharmaceuticals. Toward this end, he serves as the CEO of AllerPops.

Why AllerPops works

AllerPops is an innovative way to treat allergies at their source. They work by promoting beneficial strains of bacteria that live in the airway — helpful microorganisms that are already naturally present in the body. When their levels are too low, however, the immune system becomes vulnerable, and allergic reactions can occur.

By stimulating the body’s own processes, AllerPops boost the number of these desirable bacteria in an individual’s oral and nasal cavities. This corrects imbalances that could provoke the immune system. As a result, allergic reactions are pacified, and their symptoms disappear.

In short, AllerPops bring your body back into alignment with your environment. Instead of temporarily masking symptoms like other allergy treatments, they address the root cause of allergies. Unlike previous allergy treatments, which only provide relief for a few hours, a regime of AllerPops can soothe allergies for months or years.

Improve your health, improve your life

While there are many treatments for allergies, AllerPops is unique in that it treats the root cause of symptoms. This means you can stop taking medications and still get relief from your allergies. With AllerPops, you can actually fix the underlying problems that have been causing your allergies and can enjoy a better quality of life.