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The Story of Master PizzaChef Francesco Calò and His Global Rise to Culinary Prominence

Food is a transformative experience. Many talented culinary experts have scoured the entire world in search of the best ingredients, recipes, and inspiration to elevate their craft. One of the world’s most popular dishes is the Italian staple we all know and love: pizza. With so many interpretations of this beloved cuisine, Master PizzaChef Francesco Calò has dedicated much of his life’s work towards elevating the dish into a true culinary experience. Bringing everything he has learned to the table, he founded Via Toledo Enopizzeria to show the world what pizza could be when made with love, passion, and, above all, mastery.

Born in Apulia, Southern Italy, in 1986, Francesco Calò grew up surrounded by sacks of flour, thrust into a family of bakers. He discovered his passion for food at a young age. Upon completing his studies, he worked at his family’s bakery despite wanting to enlist in the police force. Eventually, he got the opportunity to join the Coast Guard and serve in the Rimini Harbour Office, far from the smells and creativity of baking. 

Throughout his time in the Coast Guard, Francesco Calò realized something was deeply missing. Much like a lost love, the constant pull of his baking roots continuously hounded Francesco, leading him to leave the Coast Guard and begin studying the culinary arts. He vowed to work on creatively interpreting Neapolitan Pizza, obtaining his master’s and Neapolitan Pizza instructor qualifications along the way. 

Taking a leap of faith and diving into the prospects of his own gastronomic brainchild, Chef Calò moved to Vienna to export his business idea. Leaving everything he has ever known behind and taking a gamble on himself, Chef Calò was in uncharted territory. Fortunately, through hard work, dedication, and talent, he was able to establish Via Toledo Enopizzeria in November 2016, thus, marking the beginning of his lifelong dream. 

Via Toledo Enopizzeria is a niche Neapolitan wine pizzeria situated at the heart of Vienna. The concept seamlessly combined Neapolitan pizza with perfect wine pairings, elevating the cuisine to an entirely different level. Since opening Via Toledo, Chef Calò has earned international recognition and the love of his many customers. 

Throughout the years, Via Toledo has earned several accolades in the culinary industry, earning the highly coveted “Golden Fork” as acknowledged by several Austrian national food guides for the brand’s excellence. The “Golden Fork” is a distinction often awarded to restaurants dubbed “Best of Austria,” solidifying Via Toledo’s place as a prominent brand on the global stage. 

In 2019, Chef Calò participated in the National Championship of Pizza Doc, held in Nocera Inferiore. After two days of competition, more than 350 competitors, and a hidden jury, he took home the very prestigious prize of “Best Italian Pizzaiolo in the World.” Several accolades soon followed once Chef Calò made his return to Vienna.  

In 2020, Via Toledo was awarded “Best Pizzeria in Austria,” “Second-Best Pizzeria in Europe,” “Best Performance of the Year,” and “Best Wine List” by the prestigious Italian ranking “50 Top Pizza.” The year after, Chef Calò rode the waves of his recent success by earning the title of “Best Pizzeria in Austria 2021” and the “Second-Best Pizzeria in the whole Europe,” in addition to “Best Beer Service 2021.”

With all the success he has amassed over the years, Chef Francesco Calò officially became the true pride of Italy and Italian cuisine, achieving massive success in a foreign market. Passionate about all things involving cuisine and the culinary arts, Chef Calò is known for studying the chemical processes of food and the meticulous balance of ingredients. 

Thus, he personally created his own blend of flours dubbed “Intensa.” The blend bears Chef Calò’s trademark, guaranteeing a natural, healthy, tasty and unique pizza through different kneading techniques. 

Nowadays, Chef Calò has exported his business model to the beautiful city of Dubai. Aiming to establish his brand in UAE, Chef Calò offers a new base of customers with an unparalleled culinary experience with Via Toledo. Elevating the art of pizza for food enthusiasts everywhere and matching it with the finest wines, Chef Calò and Via Toledo have successfully crafted pizza perfection in more ways than one. 

Keeping End Users in the Know: Why Companies Should Practice Ethical Scraping

Nearly a decade ago, Neil Emeigh — the CEO and founder of Rayobyte — decided to enter the data scraping space. It was not long after this that he became frustrated with the low quality of available proxies and made it his mission to offer a better process. In time, his basement-based one-man proxy operation became the largest proxy provider in the United States. 

“We live in a world where ethical data acquisition and usage are seen as virtually impossible to reconcile,” says Neil. “I am here to attest to the fact that they can pair extremely well. Any company can practice ethical scraping to ensure their data-collection process is entirely transparent and above board.”


What is ethical scraping?

Sectors such as digital marketing and data science require loads of information, and the most effective way for them to gather these hordes of data is through a process called web scraping. When companies and researchers collect the required data manually, it requires a massive amount of time and resources, but today’s web-scraping tools enable them to extract relevant information from the internet automatically. 

That is web scraping in a nutshell, but the waters get murkier when people attempt to define the ethics of the practice. Corporations and researchers are in desperate need of data, and it is readily available. However, just because the information is ripe for the picking does not mean companies can acquire it easily. 

The internet is a goldmine of public data, but web-scraping detection software frequently steps in to block companies and researchers that extract copious amounts of information through a single IP address. To avoid this, companies mask their online identities by channeling data through intermediary devices called residential proxies. Each time companies and researchers connect through a proxy, their IP address changes, and this makes it far more difficult for sites to block them.

While web scraping itself is entirely legal, the process of harvesting the information involves a number of ethical snares. The most significant issues arise as companies and researchers set about acquiring residential proxies.


Ethically obtained residential proxies 

Neil founded his company around the idea that providing proxies ethically can benefit everyone involved. “We incentivize users to participate as residential proxies by offering cash bonuses for helping us access the internet’s stores of data,” he explains. “In this way, the people who acquire information benefit, and so do the people enabling them to obtain that information. It’s a win-win.” 

In addition to compensating users for the use of IP addresses, Rayobyte’s software is careful to take the concerns of proxies into consideration. It guarantees devices are only used as proxies if they are already connected to Wi-Fi, not currently in use, and are either charging or up to at least 50% power. Furthermore, Rayobyte gives full control to consumers by allowing anyone being used as a proxy to opt-out at any time. 

Neil is not content with a mere show of ethics. He warns against the majority of proxy providers who hide behind terms of service too long to read or vague promises of social accountability. “We’re not satisfied with half-hearted attempts. We have set the industry standard and hope others will join us.”


Protecting residential proxies by vetting the companies that use them

The commitment to ethics does not end after obtaining residential proxies. “At Rayobyte, we protect the people who trust us with their IP addresses,” Neil asserts. “With this in mind, we do not allow companies to purchase IPs outright, and we vet any company using our proxies.”

Before using residential proxies through Rayobyte, customers must first demo their products and undergo a rigorous vetting process to prove they are indeed a legitimate business. In addition to vetting, Rayobyte has three safeguards in place: automated monitoring, manual spot checks, and preventative measures.

“We define specific use cases in which users can access our proxies, and our proprietary monitoring system will shut down any use case that does not adhere to those standards,” says Niel. “We’ve trained this automated system over many years and over hundreds of thousands of proxies. Our software is designed to detect risky behavior and stop it before it starts.” 

In addition to the AI’s line of defense, Rayobyte fields a 24/7 technical team to perform manual spot checks. The software also employs several preventative measures such as restricting customers’ accounts to the domains they publicly say they will use.

The need for data is growing, and so is the demand for efficient web scraping software. This process has the potential to benefit corporations and private consumers alike when companies carry it out in a respectful and ethical manner. 

“All the major proxy providers employ limits to ensure their scraping is legal,” Neil concludes. “What sets Rayobyte apart is our commitment to residential proxies that are obtained ethically and used ethically through the entire process.”

Award-Winning San Antonio Injury Lawyer George Salinas Stands Up for Clients When They Need It Most

After an accident, the victim will immediately find themselves overwhelmed with questions. Can I afford my medical bills? How will my life ever be the same? How will my family be affected? 

Navigating the aftermath of a severe injury — or, even worse, a wrongful death — can be complicated. But with the help of a skilled and experienced personal injury lawyer, it doesn’t have to be as frustrating. 

George Salinas, the owner of award-winning San Antonio law firm George Salinas Injury Lawyers, has built a reputation for delivering clients with extraordinary service and fantastic results.

Representing clients in their time of need

Salinas has an impressive educational background, with a degree from the University of Texas School of Law, along with internships with Judge Fred Biery of the Federal District Court of the Western District of Texas and Chief Justice Alma Lopez with the 4th Court of Appeals of Texas. He also served as a Policy Analyst in the Texas Senate during the 79th Legislature.

Following this, Salinas worked for a law firm defending corporations and insurance companies in personal injury cases throughout Texas. “Working for the big guys gave me a lot of experience and helped me to understand how they work,” Salinas explains, “but working for the other side didn’t bring me the personal fulfillment I desired. I knew in my heart that I wanted to stand up for the victims.”

Salinas soon set his eyes on standing up for those whose lives were forever changed by the negligent actions of others. He became a trial lawyer for a prominent personal injury law firm in San Antonio, representing victims and their families in hundreds of personal injury and wrongful death cases, before forming George Salinas Injury Lawyers to continue to pursue his passion for helping others.

George Salinas Injury Lawyers specializes in personal injury law cases, allowing them to offer heavily specialized legal counsel. However, under the umbrella of personal injury law, Salinas’s team can handle several types of injuries, including auto accidents, slip-and-falls, product liability cases, and any other case in which someone suffers an injury to their body, mind, or emotions due to the negligence of another.

As he sees it, Salinas’s role is as an advocate and voice for those seeking justice through the court system. “People tend to misguidedly believe that they need loads of money to afford the best lawyer for their personal injury case,” says Salinas. “At George Salinas Injury Lawyers, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with top-tier service without having to worry about an upfront fee.”

Helping clients without out-of-pocket costs

“Prospective clients often ask us how much their case is worth,” Salinas asserts. “The answer is more complicated than it may seem. How much you may receive in damages depends on several factors, particularly the severity of your injuries. However, a trained legal professional will be able to look at the details and evidence of a case and determine roughly how much it may be worth. At George Salinas Injury Lawyers, we offer zero-cost, no-obligation consultations to decide if we are the right fit to work together to maximize your case.” 

As with most personal injury law firms, George Salinas Injury Lawyers handles cases on a contingency basis. “If you don’t win, we don’t get paid,” Salinas explains. “Personal injury cases involve several expenses, including investigation, deposition fees or court costs, and more. Our firm advances these expenses to ensure nothing comes out of your pocket.”

Victims of accidents also sometimes struggle to pay their medical bills before being awarded damages due to their cases. George Salinas Injury Lawyers can help guide their clients through the complicated process of handling medical expenses. Their team works with clients to help find doctors and hospitals willing to defer payment until your case concludes with the expectation that their clients will receive a substantial payout after settlement or trial.

Getting you the justice you deserve

Without the guidance of an experienced legal team, victims may be tempted — or even pressured by insurance companies — to settle for less than they deserve. Many people fail to remember that insurance companies, including their own, are simply trying to make a profit and want things to be done as quickly as possible.

“The right to trial by jury is a fundamental part of our country’s foundation,” Salinas explains. “I have found my calling in empowering victims of personal injury and wrongful death to exercise that right.”

A major accident can be devastating to the victim — fundamentally changing or sometimes even ending their lives. “No one will deny that the cost of human life is priceless,” Salinas asserts, “but the expenses of dealing with injury or death can shatter you or your loved ones. Our mission is to help you receive the money you need and deserve to keep your life on track, even when serious injury or a loved one’s wrongful death has threatened to derail it.”