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Civil-Military Relations; Congenial Towards The Prosperity Of Pakistan

Pakistan has alternated between military dictatorship, legitimately elected administrations, and mixed regimes throughout its brief and volatile history. A famous saying in Pakistan is that prime ministers administer the nation’s leadership with the assistance of the three A’s: Allah, America, and the Army. Pakistan faced tremendous issues relatively easily when the military and civil cogs of the government system work in tandem. It would not have been feasible to deal with natural disasters such as the floods (2010, 2022) and the 2005 earthquakes, manage the locust attacks, and the COVID-19 pandemic,  integrate CPEC, obliterate terrorism, and overcome international challenges such as grey-listing of FATF, and avert multibillion-dollar Reko Diq and Karkey penalties without a harmonious civil-military relationship. One thing is evident after a couple of decades of democratic rule: the state’s delivering services arm, or the executive hand, cannot operate effectively or fulfill its goal on its own. It just lacks the capacity to deal with the massive difficulties and natural calamities that Pakistan has experienced.

The incumbent army chief, Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa, will step down at the conclusion of his extended term later this year. In all these years, the military provided unwavering support to the former PTI administration, assisting it in navigating a slew of political, security, diplomatic, and economic issues. But unfortunately, the instant Imran Khan caved in to pressure from a highly divided opposition coalition, his followers started a menacing campaign on social media against national security agencies.. The army, which is the centre point of this algorithm, requires an authority that does not contest the military’s pertinence in power politics; can properly manage agreements with global authority to keep Pakistan significant, and can preserve the military’s legitimacy indigenously by making sure that competitive rivalry with other politico-economic rivals does not devolve into an unwieldy conflict. Whatever else the future brings, it will not involve autonomous political parties challenging one another or any resemblance to a democratic system. Instead, the politically strong military will clear out an alternative that is advantageous for it organizationally and serves its long-term objectives. There is no doubt that the military leadership has helped out Pakistan through aggressive in-sync diplomatic endeavors with the democratic agent of the government every time the state faced a financial crisis or the possibility of international condemnation. The military engagement has been invaluable in reviving a fragile IMF contract, FATF, or CPEC, or in reviving military and socioeconomic relations with the UAE, China, and Saudi Arabia.


Renowned Entrepreneur and Business Consultant Bjanka Ceka Elevates the London Beauty Industry to the Global Stage with Hintime Beauty UK

The beauty industry has continuously helped people become more comfortable in their own skin and regain their much-needed confidence. Shining atop the summit of the beauty industry is a company known as Hintime Beauty UK. Built with a passion for its top-class clientele, the company dazzles its customers with exceptional customer service, high-quality treatments, and longstanding results. 

Founded by visionary entrepreneur, beauty expert and business consultant Bjanka Ceka, the London-based beauty firm has been making waves in the industry since its inception. Much of the success of Hintime Beauty UK has hinged on Bjanka’s seasoned expertise in the beauty industry, elevating the company’s services and status with a flick of her wrist. 

With an accumulated experience of over 12 years in the beauty industry and a UK MBA qualification to boot, it comes as no surprise why Bjanka Ceka has acquired this much success with Hintime Beauty UK. Apart from her outstanding credentials, what makes her company truly stand out from the rest lies in the prestige of the brand itself, with roots dating back over 30 years in the field of aesthetics. 

As a premier beauty conglomerate, the Hintime Group erected its headquarters in Bergamo, Italy, now with over 250 beauty clinics in the country and all across Europe. On a mission to introduce a luxurious beauty brand to the United Kingdom, Bjanka Ceka endeavored to launch Hintime Beauty UK in London, and the rest, as they say, is history.

With all the success the brand has accumulated over the years, Bjanka Ceka maintains that this is only the beginning of her beauty empire. “I am very happy about this initiative, and I am looking forward to launching more Hintime beauty clinics in the UK,” shared the forward-thinking entrepreneur. 

Aestheticians from all across the United Kingdom have sung their glorious praises for Hintime Beauty UK, as the brand has single-handedly helped them leverage their talents in the beauty industry with success-enabling tools and the full support of such a massive brand. Hintime Beauty UK is the only company in the market that provides an end-to-end solution for aspiring beauty professionals.

Filled to the brim with opportunities in the realm of aesthetics, commercial training, and business expertise, Hintime Beauty UK has helped aestheticians all across the United Kingdom better serve their clients in more ways than one. 

“I have dedicated the best years of my life to this dream to create my own brand and inspire other girls like me who dream big! It has always been my dream since I was a little girl. I always wanted more, I wanted the world to be a better place, and I wanted my optimism to influence people around me,” explained Bjanka Ceka. “I have lots of dreams, and this life is not enough to reach them all. However, hope keeps me alive and makes me feel! The ability to feel and manage your emotions is what differentiates humans from other species, after all,” she added.

The fierce competition in the beauty industry is nothing to scoff at. Beauty professionals have to constantly fight tooth and nail to gain some footing in the industry. Fortunately, Hintime Beauty UK is equipped with all the right tools to innovate the industry in every aspect imaginable. Setting the gold standard for the beauty industry on a global stage, Hintime Beauty UK and Bjanka Ceka have become the names to look out for when it comes to everything involving beauty.