Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Royaleyez Makes the Great Pivot from Photography to Music

There are no rules against doing it all, and even if there are, they would not be enough to stop high-achievers. Such is the mindset that people like renowned celebrity photographer RoyalEyez have as he expresses his intention to cross over into the music scene.

RoyalEyez, who wishes to be known as Royal in the music world, is making a great pivot, and he has announced his first musical appearance with Pop Country music superstar Monte Millions. They are set to release their single, “Promise,” this fall.

Royal’s foray into music is borne out of a strong desire to prove himself and show the world that he can be more than they see him as. By going all out to do more, he hopes to inspire everyone to become whatever they dream of and imagine they can be. “I want people to know that I’m more than just a photographer. I’m a talented rapper and can hold my own on the microphone,” Royal said.

While Royal has done a lot behind the cameras as a photographer and videographer, he strongly believes that now is the time to step into the spotlight and share what he has with the world. “I feel I have something to say that will inspire others. I want everyone who comes across my name or music to know that they are not limited to stay at one place that if they dare to dream they can accomplish anything,” he said.

He hopes to leverage his successes and fame in the photography world to launch a music career and take off on a high note. Also, as a passionate lover of art, Royal intends to express art in its truest and purest form through the medium that suits him best. He has communicated art visually with his photography and videography, even though it began as a hobby. And now, with a genuine interest in passing across important messages to the world through music, he is kickstarting a career in music officially.

Working in the creative world is not new to Royal, and he plans to connect with the key players in the music industry, work with them and make history. “I have worked with many entertainment personalities, and I expect to work with many more. The goal is to make a notable impact in the world with my sound. My upcoming single with Monte Millions is my way of announcing my presence, and I hope to get a warm reception,” he said.

Over the next few years, Royal sees himself growing as an artist with chart-topping songs and an undeniable impact on the culture. “I understand that it’s a different ballgame with music, but I’m not entirely a newbie. I have been rapping from a very young age, so I’m sure I’ll fit in quite nicely into this new world,” he said. “I have my eyes on the awards and becoming a valued and well-respected musician globally. The sky is the beginning, and I hope every other person out there feels like that with their goals.”

Ashkan Emami and the Story of Path Law Group

For those looking to move to and work in the United States, navigating the visa process can be one of the most challenging obstacles to entering the country. Although, with a qualified and skilled attorney at your side, the abundance of paperwork you have to file can become much less intimidating. Path Law Group’s Attorney and Founding Partner, Ashkan Emami, has what it takes to help his clients with all their visa needs.

Emami started working in human rights law, but he soon found it wasn’t as fulfilling as he had hoped. He wanted to make much more of an impact by working with clients individually, and human rights law was not doing that for him. Although the work done in human rights law is undeniably important, Emami felt that he could make a bigger and more tangible impact by working in immigration law.

Starting his own immigration law firm

When he came to this realization over a decade ago, Emami decided to take a job practicing immigration law at a firm that specialized in working with physicians and tech companies. However, he shortly realized that working for a large firm wasn’t what he wanted to do in the long term, as he didn’t like the distance he felt in the process.

“The way that many law firms do business is very transactional,” asserts Emami. “You go through a paralegal and an admin, which dehumanizes the process. Starting my own firm with a boutique approach allowed me to provide the type of very personal service that our clients have come to respect about our firm. It’s a very different experience for the client from what they may be used to, but it’s a very valuable one at that.”

Nevertheless, it would take a major life development to push Emami to take the leap and start his own firm — an experience almost a decade ago when he was diagnosed with cancer. “I had already thought about starting a firm,” he says, “but my diagnosis set in motion this desire in me to start my own thing and do things my way.”

Navigating the complex visa process

Path Law Group specializes in helping clients through the visa process to obtain both non-immigrant and immigrant visa options. There are a variety of visa options available for professionals, but not all of them are suitable for every individual. Emami and the team at Path Law Group can help you explore your options and help you navigate through the process to apply for the most appropriate one.

When it began, Path Law Group primarily worked with creatives and artists, but they have recently started to expand their practice to help entrepreneurs and businesspeople with their immigration needs. As the firm continues to grow, Emami hopes to be able to offer additional global mobility support, offering more services than just support for incoming visas.

When they work with Path Law Group, clients can rest assured that they are in qualified, empathetic hands. Emami and his firm’s partner, Lea Nehme, came to the United States as immigrants. As a result, they know from both first-hand experience and their years of built-up expertise in immigration law the difficulties of the visa process, and how to help their clients through it with minimal obstacles.

Emami’s story is an inspiring tale of extraordinary perseverance and sticking to what one values most. Every day, he gets the opportunity to help others on his own terms. 

“I’ve had more than a few of my clients tell me that choosing to immigrate to the US was among the most important decisions they have ever made,” he adds. “I imagine it was no different for my family when they came here during my childhood. This is why my main focus is ensuring that we make the legal process as smooth and painless as possible.”