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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Prolific Writer Ari Evan Gold Debuts His Book Trim Kamp

photo by Randy Dible

Prolific writer Ari Evan Gold is the epitome of a modern-day copywriter who does not make compromises when it comes to writing about genuine fun, adventures, and experiences of people from all walks of life. If anything, he best represents what this generation hopes to verbalize, celebrate, and advocate by using their respective platforms, whether it is through sports, gaming, the arts, or other emerging spaces. In celebration of everyone and everything he has connected with in life and the lifestyle he supports, his book titled Trim Kamp, dubbed as the anthem of the new generation, has been published by Quantum Books.

Gold has more than 20 years of experience in copywriting. Prior to debuting his book, he has become well-known for his articles in various publications, including Snowboarder Magazine, Transworld Skateboarding, Transworld Snowboarding, Transworld Business, S.G. Magazine, Concussion Magazine, The Tahoe World, and Lemonade Magazine, among others. 

Fondly known as a wordsmith among his peers, Gold is also a well-versed writer who has a unique perspective of things. Whether he is writing for skateboard magazines such as Slap, Concussion, Heelside, and Automatic, or giving insights on sex through Lemonade Magazine, Gold makes sure that he remains authentic and true to himself, and most especially to the ideas and people he may represent. Throughout the course of his colorful writing career, he has created copy for a wide array of needs, from music journalism to travel, wedding invitations, newspaper journalism, magazine editorial, and monthly magazine columns, to mention a few. 

To say that he is well-experienced is clearly an understatement. His work as a freelance writer has also allowed him to explore other worlds, inclinations, and niches, enabling him to continue to develop his unique perspective of things. If anything, his experience of working with so many people over the past years has allowed him to build a network of like-minded individuals who believe in his idea of self-expression and view of life in general. While he can be considered an old soul for his unique play of words, he is also a free-spirited individual who is not afraid of taking risks. 

His debut book, Trim Kamp gives the readers a deeper look into America’s weed culture highlighting a group of professional skateboarders around their day-to-day, extraordinary lives filled with unique experiences such as a pool skating orgy and a kung fu challenge. Gold writes this exhilarating tale unlike any other writing from a “skateboarder/surfer perspective that carefully analyzes each intricate character trait as its own universe and expounds upon the effects of those characteristics,” says Gold.

Deciding to write his book proved to be a liberating initiative, designed to inspire, encourage, and empower the younger generation to continue to celebrate their uniqueness while pursuing their dreams. As a promising storyteller, Gold is fast becoming the go-to person for anyone’s writing needs. With more than 101 published articles to date, Gold is redefining freelance copy writing and making it sound and look cool and fulfilling at the same time. 

Looking ahead, Gold will continue to explore his innate potential and pursue projects that will allow him the freedom to celebrate his uniqueness. Being able to do what he wants, whenever he wants it, gives him great satisfaction as a free-spirited individual who detests the idea of being chained to a 9-5 job. 

Find out more about Ari Evan Gold by visiting his website

Lane Allen Encourages You To Make a Move Before Regrets with new single “Past Life”

In 2021, a new popular single, “Toxic,” was placed in Spotify editorial playlist “Internet People,” creating a name for Lane Allen, a 22-year-old from Lexington, KY. Who knew this would change his life and catapult him to greater heights?

Before his Spotify career recently started, 15-year-old Lane Allen started making songs jokingly with his friends. However, it was not until he turned 16 and faced the worst day of his life that he took music seriously. Due to his circumstances, after living alone at 15, he lived with five of his friends at the UK’s campus when he turned 16. He spent most of his days with this group of friends until an incident changed his life completely. 

In January 2018, one of his friends died because of a house invasion. It was unexpected and horrific news, but what Lane Allen did to transmute his pain inspired the world.

Because his deceased friend dreamed of being a sound engineer, he knew exactly what he needed to do to continue that dream. He was an important person in his life, and for Lane Allen, the next thing to do was carry on his friend’s ambition. The incident was his turning point in pursuing and building his own brand. 

After the incident, he decided to pursue his music career seriously, immediately racking up 1 million streams with 250,000 listeners on Spotify, dedicating everything to a dream and a person who made a difference in his life.

The versatility as an artist runs in Lane. He could do various concepts, giving him an edge over other artists in his category. “Toxic” is a song he composed and produced with Danny Towers. Aside from Danny, he worked with various artists like EST Gee, Caskey, and more. Apart from continuing a legacy, he made his music for people to have fun, enjoy the moment, and feel the good vibes. Along with his signature rap, he has also produced melodic songs that he thinks will capture people who are into quality character music.

As a rising music artist, Lane Allen has a strong yet unmatched drive and determination to pursue his dream career. In 2017, he created “Freedom Fest” for a 12-year-old who needed a new heart. His sacrifices make the local music event astonishing aside from this already awe-inspiring story. He built the stage from scratch and gave a 100% donation of the proceeds to the 12-year-old boy. 

He produced other music such as “One Way,” a ten-song project with EST Gee, Danny Towers, Joey Fatts, and Caskey, proving his versatility in any music genre. He is also behind the songs “Miserable” and “Shade” and recently released “Just Live.”

Even at the beginning of his career, Lane Allen has already made incredible strides in music. So it won’t be surprising to see the name Lane Allen from years from now everywhere, well known and recognized. Not only in the rap industry but widely in the whole music industry. Indeed, his versatility and heart for music guarantee his listeners a good quality song and melody. Up until now, Lane Allen still wants to learn many things, making it a mission to improve in music, become a better artist, but mostly, remain a force of good in this world. 

To the people out there seeking their own path, Lane Allen’s music will teach you that things take time and need actions to triumph. You are learning and getting to know more about yourself and the unlimited possibilities that life has to offer. Lane’s only regret is not having his sooner, but he believes we have different timelines and choosing to explore something you should do before you regret it is still the best way to go rather than not trying at all.To learn more about Lane Allen and his career, visit his Instagram and website.