California Charity Spotlight: the Los Angeles Tribune Announces Initiatives for 2022

The Los Angeles Tribune announced that heading into the new year there will be a series of initiatives that the National News Brand will be implementing to address community related problems and provide solutions as a local business leader.

Moving into the new year with an emphasis on community involvement, the Los Angeles Tribune is proud to announce that they are official strategic partners with Food Finders Inc, an organization that has been a staple in the southern california community for over three decades. This partnership will be focused on making sure the community of Southern California is aware of the facts of chronic hunger and ways to make a practical difference. 

Current statistics show chronic hunger affects about 1 in 5 Californians. This includes people who are unemployed, low income, and living in food deserts. Some have limited access to food due to poor transportation or lack of resources.Recent data from the California Association of Food Banks indicates nearly 10 million residents are affected by food insecurity statewide. When an individual is food insecure it means they are unsure of where their next meal is coming from.

We strive to reduce that statistic. Since its inception, Food Finders has grown from rescuing several thousand pounds of food to rescuing millions of pounds of food annually. With the contributions of hundreds of food donors, including L.A. produce mart, grocery stores, corporate kitchens, schools, and other businesses, our program provides food to more than 500 nonprofit partners across five counties.

Every day, Food Finders saves thousands of pounds of food from the waste bin. We don’t mean scraps, but perfectly edible food that is still nutritious. Not only do we ensure food gets where it’s needed, but we also help businesses save on disposal fees while providing a way to give back to the community. Donated food is provided to pantries, shelters, and other nonprofits within the same area it’s from. Unlike food banks, we rescue and redistribute all food the same day, delivering direct from donor to recipient, free of charge.

Equally important, food rescue makes a positive impact on our planet.

About Food Finders:

Since 1989 Food Finders has been rescuing donated food across Southern California with a mission to reduce food insecurity while preventing wholesome food from filling landfills. Food is immediately redistributed to a network of nonprofit partner agencies to help feed individuals in need. We achieve this by staying true our core values: Community, Responsibility, Adaptability, and Integrity.

About the LA Tribune:

The Los Angeles Tribune is a historical name in the media. First introduced to the general public in 1886, it is one of the longest lasting names in the industry. They have a company mission to redefine news and proclaim an emphasis on integrity, authenticity and responsibility.