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Local Zoning Agent Accidentally Sells Horses for Slaughter

Sourced photo
Sourced photo

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Local Town removes horses from property due to alleged zoning violations. While in transport from property for holding until zoning violations were fixed, contracted horse haulers stole the horses, selling four horses to be slaughtered across country lines. The Town Zoning Agent failed to check the transportation company’s business credentials.

In this tragic misunderstanding, local farm looses four horses. One horse of 9-year-old, Alana who bought the horse with her own money from mucking stalls. One horse of 12-year-old Melissa who was given her horse for her 10th birthday. Judy’s horse she has owned for 10 years and Isabella’s horse which has won a handful of Grand Prix events on.

Quote from Alana’s mother: “I can’t believe that this is even happening. Alana hasn’t come out of her room in a week now, and I am very worried for her. Her horse meant the world to her, ever since she could walk and start talking, she was obsessed with horses. I told her that I would never let her have a horse, but I couldn’t keep her away from the barn. By the age of 5, she made her way into a barn position mucking for $2 a stall. She saved up and bought her own horse. She won’t stop crying, that horse means the entire world to her. It is so sad this is happening. No town has the authority to even trespass on the private property let alone remove someone’s property without a hearing, this isn’t over we are suing.”

A lawsuit by families, horse boarding facilities, and local civil rights activist groups has been filed against the Inland Wetlands Zoning agency and the local police department.

Comment from the Town Attorney: “I have worked for this town for the last 15 years of my career. The town has been reasonable, and this is out of line for them. This will be the last case; I represent them in. We admit and are not trying to hide what happened here as it is the saddest thing I have seen in my life. We are hoping for a quick speedy trial and have arranged to offer a settlement to the property business owner and the families affected in this event. We apologize once again.”

As to the alleged zoning violations of the horse boarding facility, the individual that initiated the complaints to the town was an employee of the town and owner of adjacent property of the horse farm. Still under investigation as to why there was not a warning or formal hearing before the local town zoning agency and police department acted. We were unable to reach the individual who initiated complaints, their residence looked vacant and town staff confirmed that she was no longer employed by the town.

The local town sends families and the horse boarding facility owners their sincere apologies. Local town and police department have not found any leads on the horse transportation company where abouts.

The Local Zoning Agent has resigned due to unknown reasons, but assumptions that resigned because of the protest that came to his residence that was led by neighboring fire and police departments.

This is a fictional story taken out of the book called Saddlebrook written by Kasdyn Click. These scenarios are not too far-fetched. Go to casetext.com and search farming.


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