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Zach Efron Looking Foward to Possible High School Musical Reunion

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In an exclusive interview with E! News’ Daily Pop about his new film Firestarter, which hits theaters today, May 13, the actor revealed that if given the chance to reunite with the cast and crew of High School Musical, he would gladly don his Wildcats jersey. 

“That would be wonderful since my heart is still there. I sincerely hope it occurs “After missing the movie’s 10th anniversary special on Disney Channel in 2016, he expressed interest in a future reunion. “And I believe that everyone would enjoy participating. I’ll make every effort to keep them on track.” 

Since his role as Troy in the musical trilogy, Efron has come a long way. In Firestarter, a remake of the famous 1984 Stephen King horror film starring a young Drew Barrymore, he plays the father of Ryan Kiera Armstrong’s Charlie. 

When asked if he plans to become a father in real life, Efron stated that he has no plans to do so anytime soon. 

“We’ll see at some point down the road,” Efron remarked. “Of course, I’d like to be a father someday, but I’m not sure if seeing the movie has made me want to do so any sooner.” He told Armstrong, “You were amazing, Ryan, but I got a little more time to wait,” so as not to insult his co-star. 

Nonetheless, Efron has maternal instincts. “Zac was always there for me,” Armstrong told E! News of her on-screen father, who she described as “really awesome.” Andy Efron, his wife Vicky (Sydney Lemmon), and their daughter Charlie are on the run from a federal agency that wants to use Charlie’s talent to control fire as a weapon. Obviously, there was a lot of fire on site. While there may have been some minor burns, Efron claims it was all part of the job. 

He described the filming experience as “the most interaction I’ve ever had with fire.” “The size of the fires indicated how far along we were in the film. They grew stronger and stronger as we progressed through the story. We literally started burning down the entire set at the very end.” 

Although Armstrong’s character has pyrokinesis, Efron has revealed that his preferred superpower is significantly less deadly.

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