World Champion Sportswoman Milica Todovic Helps Individuals Lose Weight Like a Winner

Nowadays, weight loss products, tips, and hacks are merely a click away. These hacks include ingesting “proven and tested” pills, extreme diets that encourage starvation, and more unhealthy ways of shedding a few extra pounds. Determined to help individuals lose weight like champions, celebrated sportswoman Milica Todovic is stepping in.

As the owner of the website, Milica Todovic guides people on how to kick start their weight loss journey, score their goals, and walk away healthier, better, and looking their absolute best.

Before launching her virtual company, Milica was a magnet for medals in her karate tournaments. In 2008 and 2010, she won gold medals and bronze medals for Kumite and Kata, respectively. When 2015 came around, she decided to add to her collection by taking home another blinding gold award.

Milica began her training at the mere age of three, under a father who carries a 5-day black belt. At her tender age, she went on countless nutritional education sessions and seminars, which made her grow into a strong and powerful three-time world champion.

Years of training and having her everyday patterned after her extensive health education led Milica Todovic to the highest platform in the announcement of winners. She has won a jaw-dropping over three hundred medals throughout her career, which holds around 150 in gold and the rest in an awe-inducing blend of silver and bronze. 

Milica has been the karate champion in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Montenegro; has waved her country’s flag in victory in numerous international competitions; and holds the title as the best sportswoman in her birth city of Foca, Bosnia, and Herzegovina.

Not just in karate, the widely-admired and respected sportswoman has also been in the papers as a table tennis champion. Looking at Milica’s long list of achievements, it is clear that most of her life has been enjoyed in the discipline of sports.

Now, intent on bringing that discipline into her clients’ lifestyles, Milica Todovic is welcoming individuals to her weight loss program, which focuses on self-growth, balanced meals, and exercise.

“There is no magic pill for losing weight.” Milica further shares that advertisements on the internet for so-called ‘life-changing’ pills which will get people the coveted gym body without physical exertion is nonsense. “I help people truly change their lives, get to their goal, and they are happy about their change.”

Through, Milica engages her clients in one-on-one coaching and motivational support groups. Using her growing expertise on leading a healthy lifestyle and her intimate knowledge of what the breakfast of a champion looks like, the award-winning sportswoman helps and shows people how to lose weight with proper nutrition, exercises, and supplements.

Her unique and hands-on process has resulted in a thousand satisfied customers who carry less weight on their bodies and in their minds. Carrying positive physical changes and newfound perspectives in life, Milica’s clients have nothing but praise for her simple yet effective solution to weight loss.

In half a decade, Milica Todovic hopes to multiply her satisfied clientele and help more than ten thousand people achieve their fitness goals – something that Milica, the three-time gold-medalist and world champion is more than capable of doing.

Lose weight like a winner by following the footsteps of a champion. Learn more about Milica Todovic’s simple solution to scoring weight loss goals. Follow the lauded sportswoman on Facebook and Instagram, or visit her company on its official website

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