“We need a decentralized answer to the climate crisis” says Earth Fund, a new planet-saving DAO

As COP26 stuttered, stalled, and ended with a whimper, a blockchain startup has given anybody in the world a chance to take the wheel and make a real difference in the climate crisis themselves.

Earth Fund, a decentralized organization run entirely by its users, is powered by the 1Earth token. All anybody needs to do to get involved with deciding how to tackle climate change is buy the 1Earth token. 

Once they’ve bought the token, they’ll be able to join the Earth Fund DAO and have a vote on everything from how Earth Fund fights climate change to how the sizeable treasury is used to fund planet-saving projects. 

In a blog post that acted as a clear shot across the bow for traditional responses to climate change, the startup said: 

“Imagine what a difference it would make if COP26 was filled not with self-serving politicians or businesses there to greenwash their image, but a group of passionate individuals that really want to change the world.

Imagine if to have the power to bring about real change, you didn’t need to have an enormous bank account or run corporate-backed election campaigns or inherit huge amounts of wealth, you just needed to buy a 1Earth token, join a community, and vote on how we should be tackling the biggest issue of our lifetimes.

More succinctly, imagine what would happen if we made the fight against climate change completely democratic and governed by ordinary people.

That’s what Earth Fund is. A global DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) that gives everybody a voice in how we save the planet.”

Not only have Earth Fund built the tools a global community needs to collaborate and communicate on fighting climate change, they’ve also built a treasury controlled by the community

Democratizing the climate crisis

All the Earth Fund community needs to do to fund planet-saving projects is vote and agree on what projects need funding and the money is sent to them from the Earth Fund treasury. Everything is controlled by the DAO, meaning that everything is completely transparent and democratic, a stark contrast to the way climate decisions are currently made: behind closed doors and based on the opinions of a select few people. 

“This is the kind of approach that we need to tackle the challenges we face.” Alex Vergara, Community and Communications Lead at Earth Fund says. “This isn’t a Hollywood movie where a superhero is going to fly in and make it OK in the end. We can’t keep waiting for world leaders or billionaires to save us out by doing the same thing they’ve done for the last three decades.

We need a radically new approach. We need a decentralized answer to the climate crisis that takes the power from the people dragging their heels and gives it to a community of engaged, passionate people to make a real difference. And that’s why we built Earth Fund.”

Earth Fund, powered by the 1Earth token, launched on KuCoin, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, launched recently and looks set to shake up the way we tackle the climate emergency. 

To find out more information, head to earthfund.io. 

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