Valyou Furniture Merges the Value of Beauty and Music

Leading furniture and lifestyle brand Valyou Furniture has teamed up with a makeup insider to merge music and vanity into one experience. They do this through the Dream Vanity Mirror, a vanity mirror with built-in speakers for a positive experience while you’re dolling up for the day. 

Valyou is a Kapolei, Hawaii-based furniture company aiming to provide well-designed furniture pieces at an affordable price. The company exists with the mission of becoming one of the country’s most trusted retailers. As an innovation-driven brand, Valyou is always looking out for pioneering ideas that bring value to the customer and bring the consumer experience to the next level. 

One of their most recent outputs is the Dream Vanity Mirror, a product that the company maintains will change the game for the industry. The flawless mesh of a vanity mirror and a sound system is a part of their revolution to start a smart mirror movement in America. Accordingly, Valyou Furniture aims to impact the furniture industry and the beauty and music industries. Through the smart vanity mirror, Valyou looks to combine every woman’s makeup sessions with their favorite tracks, turning the process into a charged-up experience one can enjoy at any time. The system also removes the hassle of keeping both a vanity and sound system in one’s room by providing both functions in one.

The Dream Vanity Mirror holds some of the most advanced sound technologies to date. The mirror sound system connects to any device via Bluetooth wireless connectivity, sending sound waves through some of the best speakers in the sound system world. The system also has provisions for USB plugs for hair tools and device charging. 

Attached around the mirror is a series of twenty energy-saving three-color temperature LED lights controlled by a touch screen panel. This lighting design allows for perfect illumination when one wants to do their makeup or take the perfect selfie. The Dream Vanity Mirror also has sufficient compartments for maximum storage to stow away makeup sets and other paraphernalia. 

In recent times, Valyou Furniture has partnered with Oahu-based social media and beauty influencer Kayla to help launch and promote the Dream Vanity Mirror system. “I love blasting my favorite songs or motivational podcasts while getting ready,” shares Kayle to her 308,000+ Instagram followers. “It really uplifts my mood and makes me feel like an unstoppable baddie.”

With a clear vision to deliver glam-based tech-integrated smart furniture, Valyou hopes to penetrate the beauty industry by providing solutions to pain points that have remained unmet for the longest time. With the Dream Vanity Mirror system, the company hopes to begin a new line of glam and vanity furniture that will set the industry ablaze and change the way women get ready for their day. Valyou launches the new smart vanity mirror this November, reaching any part of the United States.

With innovations like the Dream Vanity Mirror, Valyou continues to pursue its goal of becoming one of the leading furniture companies in the nation and even the world. To learn more about Valyou and it’s latest product, the Dream Vanity Mirror, visit their ecommerce website, Facebook page, and Instagram account.

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