Urbane Dwellings Delivering a Home Away From Home Experience

Traveling is an integral part of the global lifestyle, which Urbane Dwellings is committed to easing for everyone. Urbane Dwellings is a fully serviced and furnished housing company that makes housing provision for travelers and tourists all over the world. The company designs and furnishes beautiful homes that travelers can stay in when they travel.

Urbane Dwellings’ goal is to give travelers a sense of home even though they are far away from home. Ray Licardo started the company with the sole aim of keeping travelers comfortable. In his words, “We want them to enjoy and feel comfortable with us so that they don’t feel like they’re transients. As residents, they are owners of the brand, and they’re not just passing through. What motivates me the most is seeing and knowing that we provided a space where our residents feel welcome.”

Urbane Dwellings goes through the entire process with travelers. The company provides different locales with a variety of apartment sizes to suit travelers’ needs. Urban Dwellings gives travelers a better alternative to hotel rooms by providing short-term home leases that offer everything the average traveler will need in a house. From breakfast to WiFi, cable television, laundry, and a fitness center.

Currently, Urbane Dwellings is working to secure funding to expand the business. It is set to launch a crowdfunding campaign to source funds from investors while also inviting homeowners who need a company to manage their homes for them. Urbane Dwelling is targeting real estate investors, and once the campaign goes live, the goal is to get as many investors as possible on board.

Besides providing comfortable housing for travelers and tourists, Urbane Dwellings is also creating investment opportunities for people looking to become real estate investors without owning any property. Ray Licardo’s motivation for starting this company was born out of seeing the success stories of Airbnb hosts. He had a good job in the corporate world in sales, but he didn’t quite find the fulfillment he sought.

Ray set to work and began to learn more about rental arbitrage. He used the knowledge to get into the short-term rental space without owning a real estate property. He is passionate about creating new things. One of the things he enjoys the most about Urbane Dwellings is the opportunity to design the interiors of the homes while ensuring that all guests experience the highest level of comfort.

Ray Licardo’s dream for Urbane Dwellings is to have homes in every major city in the United States and other countries outside the United States. The goal is to keep people comfortable as they move across continents without feeling a sense of being away from their homes. “I want to have the resources and be in the position to provide a seamless experience for transient working professionals who have wanted to travel,” he reiterates.

Urbane Dwellings gives guests a place to call home and its investors the opportunity to grow with a company that has a vision.

Learn more about Urbane Dwellings on the official website.

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