Up-And-Coming Artist Uno Paper Boi Makes Waves With Latest Album the Blue Devil

Success does not come easily; it has to be earned. This is something Rayvon Cystrunk knows by heart. Because of this, the rising musician who goes by Uno Paper Boi is working hard to accomplish his goal of becoming a world-renowned hip-hop icon.

The up-and-coming artist has had his fair share of hardships and challenges. Growing up in a poor community in Riverside, California, he realized early on that he had to become successful and get out of poverty.

When he was 13 years old, the young man’s life changed drastically when he had to move to Atlanta. But what started out as a difficult situation turned out to be a step in the right direction. He quickly adapted to his new environment and found his passion for music.

Uno Paper Boi quickly made a name for himself in Atlanta due to his musical prowess and acting skills. He has even caught the attention of A-list producers and has collaborated with hip-hop superstars for his album The Blue Devil.

Released at the beginning of November, the record contains 14 tracks, including “Serve Den Swerve,” “Double Dare,” and “Ima Beast.” Some of the songs also feature other artists such as Lil Freaky for the song “Make It Out” as well as Uno Yo and Charlie for “Girls Best Friend.”

Despite debuting very recently, the LP is shaping up to be a huge success. It has been streamed more than 50,000 times on Spotify in the first week alone and continues to rack up more numbers.

Even though he is already making a buzz and crushing the competition in the underground music world, Uno Paper Boi has no intentions of dropping the ball. Staying true to his impeccable work ethic, the diligent and gifted musician continues to create more projects. His next single “Indecisive” feat. NL Ryeshawn is scheduled to drop next month.

But aside from scaling the success of his music career, the outstanding young man hopes to serve as an inspiration to others, especially the youth in poor communities who feel that they have no chance of making it out. He said, “I want to be living proof and hope that it is possible if you follow your dreams and put in the work everything is possible.”

On top of that, he is determined to become a pillar in his community and give back to those who are less fortunate as he experienced firsthand how difficult it is for someone to grow up in poverty.

People should keep an eye out for Uno Paper Boi as he continues to rise to the top of the music industry. In the future, the talented artist plans to become one of the greatest musical acts in the world. Furthermore, he sees himself becoming a household name both as a musician and an actor.Stay up-to-date with Uno Paper Boi’s upcoming project by following him on Facebook and Instagram. You can also listen to his latest album, The Blue Devil, on Audiomack, Spotify, and Deezer.

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