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Two Experienced Entrepreneurs Are Making Garages a Whole Lot Cooler in the Bay Area

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High school friends and serial entrepreneurs Tal Aviram and Chad Cook are transforming San Francisco’s home renovation scene by opening a Bay Area Garage Living franchise. Garage Living is the country’s No. 1 home improvement franchise and specializes in remodeling dusty, disorganized garages into stylish, functional spaces. Aviram and Cook bring their expertise and passion for business to the new location at 2641 Barrington Court in Hayward, California. 

Aviram and Cook’s entrepreneurial journey began in Washington when they met in high school in 1988. After gaining valuable corporate sales experience by selling voicemail auto attendant systems, they opened a gourmet pizzeria on Mercer Island when they were both just 21. Its success led to three more locations, including one in Shanghai, China. “I think we learned what to watch out for when starting your own business through that experience,” says Cook.

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Their partnership continued to thrive, with the friends running multiple businesses together, including three marinas in Florida. Cook now lives in San Francisco most of the time, while Aviram owns another Garage Living location in Seattle. “I am looking forward to expanding Garage Living to San Francisco and can’t wait to delve into the world of business with Chad again,” says Aviram. Since its opening in 2021, Aviram’s Seattle franchise has become one of the fastest-growing markets in the country.

Founded in 2005, Entrepreneur Magazine calls Garage Living a Top 500 Franchise across all categories. With 38 franchise locations across North America, the company provides a full-service, single-source solution that takes homeowners from design to installation. Each Garage Living location is managed by professionally trained designers, installers, and service personnel, ensuring the highest quality service and results.

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Garage Living customizes its luxury makeovers to meet the needs and lifestyles of homeowners who want to transform their garages into clean, functional, and upscale spaces. So whether you’re looking to create a workspace, an entertainment area or simply better organize your garage, Aviram and Cook’s Garage Living franchise will help you reimagine the space.

The global garage organization and storage market has experienced significant growth, with a valuation of $23 billion last year. Moreover, it’s expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7% from 2023 to 2030. Garage Living’s Hayward location will serve the San Francisco Bay Area, from Monterey to Napa, offering a showroom featuring fully outfitted garage display themes, a vast selection of flooring, cabinetry, wall storage, and specialty racks.

To learn more about Garage Living San Francisco Bay Area, visit their website or call 855-997-3046. Alternatively, homeowners interested in a garage makeover can book an expert consultation by calling 925-444-5369 or emailing sanfrancisco@garageliving.com.

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