Twitter layoffs started after Musk’s takeover

Twitter Job Cuts

Image Source: Bloomberg

Twitter employees have started to post online that they think they have lost their jobs before the company makes an official announcement later on Friday.

The social media giant says it will tell its employees if they still have jobs after Elon Musk takes over.

Employees leaving are tweeting with the hashtag #LoveWhereYouWorked and a saluting emoji to say goodbye.

Yash Agarwal, said it was “the greatest honor ever” to work for Twitter.

In an internal mail, the company said the cuts are “an effort to put Twitter on a healthy path.”

The company also said that its offices would be closed temporarily, and employees would not be able to enter the building until they knew they had lost their jobs.

After buying the company last week for $44 billion (£39.3 billion), the multi-billionaire will be Twitter’s chief executive.

The company said that office access would be limited immediately.

By 9 a.m. Pacific time (16:00 GMT) on Friday, all staff members will have received an email with the subject line “Your Role at Twitter.”

Twitter will notify unaffected staff through their company email. Furthermore, the company will inform the affected staff through their personal accounts..

Mass exodus of talent

Sources claim that Twitter will cut 4,000 of the 8,000 jobs available.

The platform needs help making money. Making a dent in the wage bill is one way to fix the problem.

Everyone got an email saying that a lot would cut the number of employees. Then, about an hour later, Twitter remotely wiped people’s laptops and cut off their Gmail and Slack access.

Another Twitter employee said he was waiting anxiously for an email to tell him if he still had a job.

He said he would probably stay up late waiting for the message.

Bloomberg said that unnamed sources said that some senior staff was asked to make lists of people on their teams who should be let go.

As part of Mr. Musk’s takeover, the cryptocurrency platform Binance put money into Twitter. Changpeng Zhao, the company’s CEO, had said that “a smaller staff would make more sense.”

During his talk at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Mr. Zhao also said that the platform should be faster at adding new features because it needs more staff.

Twitter verification is no longer free

Twitter’s plans to raise money by charging $8 (£7) monthly for a “verified” blue checkmark were criticized, so they are cutting costs.

In addition to the verification check, those who pay could have their tweets widely promoted and see less advertising.

Twitter has yet to profit in a few years, and the number of users has stayed about the same, at about 300 million a month.

Many experts think that Mr. Musk, the world’s richest person, paid too much for the company, given the state of the economy and the falling prices of many tech stocks.

However, in an interview with the BBC, Brandon Borrman, who used to be Twitter’s head of global communications, questioned how Twitter could ask people to pay to stay on an “even playing field” with other users.

How the cuts will affect how the platform works must be straightforward. Mr. Musk is known for his ruthlessness regarding his employees.

US media have already discussed how some employees worked long hours to meet Mr. Musk’s demands after the takeover.

In May, Mr. Musk said that his expectations would be “extreme” but less than what he demanded of himself.

Twitter board dissolved

As part of the agreement, nine members of Twitter’s board left the company, leaving self-proclaimed “Chief Twit” Elon Musk as the only director.

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People thought Mr. Musk would have even more power over the company after this.

Bret Taylor, chairman, and Parag Agrawal, CEO, were among those who left. Ned Segal,the chief financial officer also posted about leaving

US media said that some of Mr. Musk’s friends joined Twitter as senior people left.


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