“Tick, Tick… BOOM!” Brings Andrew Garfield a Golden Globe

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Throughout 2021, British-American actor Andrew Garfield has been receiving recognition for his hard work in his movie roles. An example of that is “The Eyes of Tammy Faye,” where he gained attention in being a supporting actor. 

Now he has another reason to celebrate as he wins a Golden Globe Sunday night. Garfield won the award for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical for his role in “Tick, Tick…BOOM!” This was announced by the Golden Globe Awards on Twitter

“Tick, Tick… BOOM!” is directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of “Hamilton.” The story follows the events in a man named Jonathan Larson’s life as he turns 30. The setting of the story takes place in 1990. 

Larson puts all of his efforts into bringing his rock opera into the New York City stage. However, he gets torn between his passion and his attention to his friends as they face an epidemic that costs their lives. 

The 30-year-old musician later became one of the most prominent names in the musical theater industry posthumously. He ended up writing the musical “Rent,” which he died at the night of the opening of the show. 

Garfield is widely known as Peter Parker or Spider-man of “The Amazing Spider-Man” series of 2012. He recently returned in “Spider-Man: No Way Home” together with co-Spidey stars Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man 2002) and Tom Holland (latest addition to the Spider-Men). 

Many fans have suspected Garfield’s return in the new Spider-Man film, no matter how hard he tried to make it a surprise. 

However, there was still one element of surprise that Marvel fans had not anticipated. Instead of playing small cameos, Garfield alongside Maguire played major roles in the final act of the film. 

This reappearance urged fans to call out requests for the Marvel universe to get Garfield another shot at his role in his own movie. 

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