The Gray Man: Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans square off in new action sequence

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Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans square off in an extended action sequence for The Gray Man, which premiered on day two of Netflix’s Geeked Week.

The two were among a slew of celebrities that appeared in numerous teasers aired at the event.

Chris Hemsworth, Miles Teller, Jamie Foxx, Charlize Theron, and Kerry Washington appeared in trailers for their upcoming Spiderhead, Day Shift, and The School For Good and Evil, respectively.

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Thursday will be exclusively devoted to the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, which just finished its fourth season. 

Gosling fought his way past a horde of goons in the new Gray Man clip before tussling with Evans. 

On July 22, the highly-anticipated action thriller, which also stars Knives Out’s Ana de Armas, will be released on Netflix. However, Foxx informed audiences that they were “not prepared” for the August 12 release during a behind-the-scenes peek at Day Shift. 

Spiderhead, which has been compared to Black Mirror and Shutter Island, follows Hemsworth and a coworker as they carry out a diabolical experiment in which two strangers are made more appealing to one other through the application of a special serum. 

“Have you ever wondered where the beginning of every great fairytale takes place? In a world where good people become heroes, and bad people become villains, “In The School for Good and Evil, Theron states. 

The picture, which also stars Laurence Fishburne and Michelle Yeoh, has no definite release date but is scheduled to hit cinemas in the fall of this year.

Geeked Week is accessible to watch for free on all major platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Twitch, and Facebook, until Friday.

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