The Brand That’s Encouraging People to Live before They Die

The up and coming apparel brand and podcast, Venture Mentality, is taking a unique approach toward marketing their products and spreading their company culture. Venture Mentality was started in September of 2019 as a lifestyle podcast and has since transformed in the past year to an official LLC and apparel brand dedicated to inspiring people to live out their bucket list.

The brand states that “too many people wait until the end of their life to start truly living—they wait until they’re retired or worse—they never even start living. When you start living at the end of your life, you’re too old to do a lot of things and you won’t enjoy them the same as you would have in your younger years. We’re here to push people toward positive action and encourage them to start living now rather than later. With that being said, you’re never too old to start traveling and crossing those experiences off your bucket list. The only time it’s too late is when you’re on your deathbed. We just want people to live their dash.”

Driven by the impact of legacy and the fear of regret, Venture Mentality advocates for people to start taking actions on their goals and living their best life. With over 150 podcast episodes with interviews from top CEOs, TV personalities, professional athletes, and thrill seekers, the company has been working hard to put the right, positive message out into the world. 

Boasting aestically pleasing and impressive influencers on its Instagram account  (@venture.mentality), the company has been working hard to create the right culture and understanding of their mission and what they’re trying to accomplish. Anyone can live the VM lifestyle. All it takes is adopting the right mindset and actually doing the things you’ve always talked about. If you’re on the fence about doing something, ask yourself this pivotal question: If tomorrow wasn’t guaranteed, what would I do today?

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