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The 4 Best J.Fla Covers on Youtube and Her New Pre-Single Bedroom Singer

J.Fla is a singer-songwriter and a Youtuber with 17.6 Million Subscribers who have recently released her pre-single “Bedroom Singer.” J.Fla has been absent for quite some time, and many have been wondering what she was up to; she has not uploaded to her channel for around nine months. Thus, she mentioned on her social media that her hiatus was because she was ill with hearing loss. The good news is that with the release of her pre-single, she revealed she would continue her activities.


Before her hiatus, she uploaded copious amounts of covers that received positive remarks from viewers. She uploaded content that ranged from K-Pop, holiday music, rock, electronic dance music, and even vlogs. The various content she created attracted a diverse audience globally and allowed J.Fla to experience the international community. Although she primarily focused on Youtube, she started drastically expanding her talent, establishing GoodSen Entertainment and preparing to release more content through other partners, such as the LA-based The Unit Label. Here is the list of the four most popular and viewed covers on Youtube:


  • Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You ( cover by J.Fla ) with 331 million views

The cover “Shape Of You” is the most-viewed on J.Fla’s Youtube channel. The most popular comment: “It’s October 2022, let’s see how many people are listening to this masterpiece!!” (Dhruv Devil Gamer), was written four months ago but edited to show that they regularly watch the cover. J.Fla’s angelic voice and the rhythmic beat go well to make it the most popular cover. It’s also amazing to see how good her English is!


  • Luis Fonsi – Despacito ( cover by J.Fla ) with 208 million views

Despacito is one of the catchiest songs, but not so easy to sing because it is sung in Spanish. Not only English, but her Spanish is also very fluent, as many commenters exclaim. The comment: “JFla was born in South Korea, but when she sings in a different language, she is born in every country! Very good Spanish! She learns very quick” (soggy-cereal71), applauded that her fluency is perfect when covering in a different language.


  • Let Me Love You & Faded ( MASHUP cover by J.Fla ) with 142 million views

This song proves J.Fla’s talent. The song she has covered is a mashup she has probably chosen. Since J.Fla is a singer-songwriter, she shows her ability to understand the music style and naturally sing them.


  • Camila Cabello – Havana ( cover by J.Fla ) with 135 million views. 

Her vocals on the cover are perfect, but the tone and swings over the electronic beat capture her enjoying the songs she sings. Her magical voice and her actions of having fun while covering the music bring her cover to the next level.


Runner Up: Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter & Farruko – On My Way ( cover by J.Fla )

The original artist, Alan Walker, had commented himself with three clap emojis, obtaining 19 thousand likes. J.Fla sings a variety of songs from various genres, capturing a diverse audience. Individuals can find a genre they like that she has most likely covered.


  • Bedroom Singer

With the recent release of her “Bedroom Singer,” she has been topping various music charts, ranking 39th in Shazam’s “TOP 200 US” charts and drastically rising as she was 49th beginning of this week. She has also peaked 1st in the Alternative genre on the iTunes chart and also peaked 1st on four of Amazon’s top charts ranging from “Best Seller Song Top 100” to “Hot New Release Song Top 100.” 


With this many achievements, it would not be a surprise that she is preparing to create a special collaboration content with the Recording Academy — GRAMMYs, where J.Fla will cover a remake of a past nominated and award-winning song. 


In addition, she announced that she expects to release the regular album early next year. All of J.Fla’s work, including her cover and pre-single release, has been bombarded with the public and fans’ love; therefore, many are curious about what she will bring next. The best and fastest way to experience her incredible voice is to go to her Youtube Channel, “JFlaMusic.”

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