Take a Look at the New Normal for The Business Bully

Aside from having implications on people’s health, the pandemic caused by COVID-19 has dramatically affected a lot of businesses and the economy. This pandemic has brought fast-moving and unexpected variables, some of which existing crisis plans and organizations or teams were not ready to handle. 

Many companies successfully developed incident management plans specific to this crisis, and are now looking ahead. One of these companies is The Business Bully LLC, which is owned by Dave Anderson, who is a bestselling author, business coach, and motivational speaker. His company has helped hundreds of small and mid-sized businesses reach their full potential by educating them on how to make smart, calculated decisions that lead to massive profits and growth.

Dave Anderson started as a radio host, and that has given him several opportunities to get acquainted with tons of people in the industry, which allows him to gain more insights and experiences to start his own company. As a radio host, one of the top skills that he learned was how to work with other people, and that gave him an idea to start a company that aims to aid businesses in acquiring prospects or potential clients.

The owner of The Business Bully LLC is also a great motivational speaker that moves around one million individuals in different conferences. His being a keynote speaker gave him the nickname of “The Business Bully,” and it has become the forefront image of the company. His company uses his ruthless, aggressive, and in-your-face style of conducting business, which gains him a lot of clients because they find it very relatable. The company urges its clients to pitch their capabilities ruthlessly to land more customers. Dave Anderson also hired a great team of business professionals to run his company.

The Business Bully also offers coaching programs, which is readily available for aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to reach new levels of greatness through the power of great spoken word or oration. The founder of The Business Bully firmly believes that there is power in great speech. Almost all of its clients are gained through word of mouth and motivational speaking.

The Business Bully also holds speaking events that usually highlight Dave Anderson and his experiences on how he started in the radio industry and built his business firm from scratch. This feature is a great way to boost the morale of business owners and keeps them motivated to continue hustling and operating even amid uncertain times like the onset of the pandemic.

The company also offers to deliver conferences to corporate leaders and corporate professionals to encourage and educate them on becoming great team leaders. This program is in demand, especially during team-building events of different organizations and corporations.

Moreover, the company has its own network, which is currently a leading television network that happens to be black-owned. It aims to encourage black-owned businesses to attain their goals. The company’s television network focuses on giving talks and seminars on how to grow small and mid-size companies and promoting their existing clients as well. 

Learn more about The Business Bully LLC on their official website, headed by Dave Anderson.

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