Improving Readers’ Knowledge of WWII – Kenneth Burres’ World War II – As Seen by a Young Artist and Historian

World War II was among the deadliest and most gruesome events of the 20th century due to the significant death toll and long-term effects on the world population. Over 85 million perished directly or indirectly due to the war, while injuries left thousands physically impaired for life. Many countries experienced long-term economic slowdowns due to the substantial amounts spent on the war effort. WWII was also a turning point in world history because it shaped future events due to the emergence of the United States and the Soviet Union as prominent superpowers. The war also served as a prelude to the Cold War and other notable global politics and historical events. Although the war had far-reaching and long-term consequences for the world population and global politics, many people remain unaware of the prominent events, belligerents, and events during the war.

World War II was a precursor to several prominent events, including the creation of the United Nations, the start of the Cold War, and the global divide between socialism and capitalism. However, many people are unaware of what transpired during WWII and how it affected global politics and international relations. Learning about WWII or improving one’s knowledge regarding the war, events or leaders, and the effects are necessary for everyone to understand the context and background of many geopolitical issues. Most websites and books offer a textual and cumbersome description of the events that is tedious for readers. The books fail to develop readers’ interest due to an excessive focus on text and writing rather than images or illustrations. However, some authors like Kenneth Burres offer a compelling account of prominent WWII events and leaders through illustrations and images that keep readers engaged.

Kenneth Burres is an 11-year-old illustrator, author, and artist who created Dumbfounded Comics to transform his talent into comics and informative illustrations. The artist uses his imagination and creativity to portray various circumstances and events uniquely and interestingly through cartoons and illustrations. He created and published World War II – As Seen by a Young Artist and Historian to educate and improve people’s learning regarding the various events and leaders of WWII. The illustrations throughout the book show Burres’ perspectives regarding world leaders and various prominent events throughout the war. The illustrations throughout the book accompany funny and interesting captions describing the people and events depicted in the images. The author also integrates text to increase readers’ knowledge and provide information about WWII events. The book is beneficial for helping readers of all ages, including children and adults, to learn about or refresh their memory about World War II.

Many books, websites, and movies offer a conceptual approach to WWII events due to the topic’s nature, death, and war-related gloom. However, World War II – As Seen by a Young Artist and Historian offers a unique perspective through illustrations that significantly increase readers’ knowledge while keeping them engaged and interested. The doodles and art throughout the book depict various events like the atomic bombing, the Bismarck sinking, and the Berling Olympics. The book also includes portraits and illustrations of prominent world leaders during WWII. Readers can understand various circumstances by reviewing the intricate details embedded by Burres in the pictures throughout the book. Children can learn about the critical events and turning points throughout WWII by looking at images and reading the captions. The book is ideal for children who typically look at pictures in books instead of reading complete text or paragraphs.

Kenneth Burres is an eleven-year-old artist, illustrator, author, and historian who loves to portray various events, personalities, and situations through his art. From a young age, Burres developed a passion for doodling and started creating drawings to express his imagination creatively. The sixth grader studies at the School for Advanced Studies (SAS) and speaks English, German, and Spanish fluently. The passion for painting and drawing images enables Burres to express his creativity while depicting events and situations effectively without writing exhaustive or detailed text. The author is also passionate about history and wrote the WWII book to enable readers to read about various events and personalities in the Second World War. The author drew the illustrations and compiled the book when he was 10. 

World War II – As Seen by a Young Artist and Historian is a unique history book that enables readers to understand and learn about history through interesting illustrations, regardless of age. The book includes colorful portrayals of various prominent events with details of combatants from the Allied and Axis sides. Burres’ book also includes portraits of notable people in black and white to contrast against the colorful images related to events. Kenneth Burres utilized his drawing talent and passion for history to compile a book that could help readers increase their knowledge about particular events of WWII.