Creative Visionary, M. Teresa Lawrence, Launches Henry Forest LLC and Petitions the United Nations for Imaginary Nation State Status

M. Teresa Lawrence, a creative visionary leader dedicated to helping others reach their full potential, has announced the launch of Henry Forest LLC, a lifestyle brand based in Daniel, Wyoming. Through Henry Forest, Lawrence aims to inspire a community of creative visionaries who are committed to making a positive impact on the world while enjoying the spirit of playful adventure. Lawrence’s innovative approach, known as “The Leadership of Play,” encourages individuals to embrace their creative freedom and celebrate their unique abilities.

As a Cuban immigrant, Lawrence’s personal journey has shaped her vision and mission. Having experienced the hardships faced by refugees, she founded The Trueness Project, a purpose-driven initiative aimed at empowering children to own their stories and realize their true potential. Lawrence firmly believes that children’s choices in response to adversity can transform their lives, and she seeks to inspire and motivate young minds through her creative endeavors.

The inspiration for Henry Forest LLC stems from Lawrence’s profound belief in the power of thoughts and actions. She envisions a diverse community of powerful creative visionaries who come together to make a difference in the world while enjoying the process. Located in Daniel, Wyoming, a mountain community with a population of only 109 people, Lawrence operates her office from a covered wagon. Through the internet, she connects with individuals worldwide and transforms The Covered Wagon into a hub of creativity and inspiration.

In an ambitious and lighthearted endeavor, Lawrence has set her sights on turning The Covered Wagon into an imaginary nation state. With a dream of collecting one million signatures from around the globe, she plans to petition the United Nations for Imaginary Nation State Status. Once achieved, Lawrence will embark on a humorous yet rigorous imaginary citizenship process, emphasizing the power of imagination and the importance of community.

Lawrence’s unique approach has garnered support from various influential figures. Among the signatories to her petition are Don Green, the head of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, best-selling author Jessa Carter of “The Peaceful Millionaire,” and Hollywood actress Taylor St. Clair. These luminaries recognize the transformative potential of an imaginary nation of creative visionaries and have joined Lawrence in her mission to change the world.

Henry Forest LLC stands as a testament to Lawrence’s dedication to serving a community of individuals who seek personal growth, fulfillment, and a collective commitment to making a positive impact. By embracing the spirit of playful adventure, Henry Forest celebrates the leadership potential within each individual, empowering them to live authentically and create a better world.

To learn more about M. Teresa Lawrence, Henry Forest LLC, and The Trueness Project, please visit their official website.