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Suzermed Clinic and Hasan Suzer: Turkey’s Best Hair Transplant Clinic of 2022 and Turkey’s Best Medical Entrepreneur of 2022

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Men and women typically go through varying experiences when it comes to the social pressures and norms pertaining to their hair. All men, regardless of their hair length, are afraid of losing their hairline. This is a common fear among men, whether they go to a salon or a barber, especially as they age. However, most men end up losing their hair. This can result in a loss of confidence and self-esteem. 

A thriving regenerative hair industry has emerged to help solve this problem for men and women of all ages. From products to specialized surgical procedures, many clinics and brands are attempting to provide solutions for this problem.

For various reasons, Turkey has solidified itself as the premier destination for medical tourism of all kinds. Turkey’s preeminent hair transplant venue is the Suzermed Clinic. Founded in 2017 by Hasan Suzer, the clinic is an industry leader in hair transplants as well as other selective procedures like rhinoplasties and liposuctions. The clinic is a favorite of international medical tourists due to its commitment to new procedures, innovative tools, and knowledgeable staff of plastic surgeons, nurses, technicians, and interpreters. Speaking of Suzermed’s success, Suzer recently received the Best Medical Entrepreneur of 2022 award given annually by Diamonds of Turkey.

Located near the luxurious residential developments of the Altunizade district, Suzermed’s physical clinic has been architecturally engineered to provide a sense of comfort and competence. This is achieved through simple yet sophisticated use of space that relies on natural colors and materials. Since the environment is known to influence the outcome of medical interventions, Suzermed sees to it that its patients’ environment has a calm and reassuring effect that supports successful elective surgery. Simply put, the Suzermed facilities, located in the accredited Acıbadem Altunizde Hospital, are first-rate, and so is its staff.

In just a few years, Suzermed has performed over 5,000 hair transplants. In 2022 alone, 600 transplants were performed on visitors from other countries. These figures are driven by the growing medical tourism industry. Now, people are combining memorable vacations with top-tier medical care at a cost lower than what the procedure alone would command at home. After their surgery, patients can step out into one of the world’s most fascinating cities. Suzermed patients have access to end-to-end patient packages, including transportation, translation services, and post-operative recovery stay in the Ritz-Carlton Istanbul. 

Hair transplantation at Suzermed is available to anyone, male or female, who needs it. True, more men do than women, and baldness is seen as a mostly male problem, but Suzermed caters to everyone. What is important to Suzer and the Suzermed staff is that no matter what sex their patient is or where they are from, they have a good outcome, a good experience, and most of all, the renewed sense of confidence and self-esteem that comes with having a full head of hair. 

To learn more about this cutting-edge clinic and what it provides, visit the Suzermed website.

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