Successful Influencer Josh Liljenquist Stays Positive Despite Life’s Challenges

TikTok sensation and successful social media influencer Josh Liljenquist is no stranger to life’s biggest challenges. Living with two rare diseases is no easy journey, but he has managed to rise above them and still come out victorious. By choosing to look on the brighter side and believe that good things are in store for him in the future, Josh has not only achieved tremendous feats with his personal brand; he also managed to motivate others to choose positivity no matter how difficult life may get. 

Josh Liljenquist was diagnosed with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency and eosinophilic esophagitis when he was younger. He would choke on food and would not be able to swallow it. Despite his sensitive condition, some people in his hometown still managed to make fun of him, calling him names repeatedly on random occasions. Instead of becoming discouraged by all the teasing and bullying that took place, Josh chose to take the higher road and not stoop to their level. He chose to be happy and stay productive so he can continue to make people smile. 

At some point in his life, there were people who were bent on seeing him fail. They would call him worthless and make him feel like an outcast, but Josh Liljenquist did not let them get the best of him. He continued to press on, work hard, and come up with innovative ways to build himself up and his personal brand online. 

Just recently, the 22-year-old communications major from Minnesota State University was shocked to find out that he had contracted COVID-19. Just like any other normal person, he felt distraught at the beginning. After taking it all in, he realized that he is still luckier than most because he lived to tell another story of survival and hope. At present, Josh Liljenquist is back on his feet and doing the one thing he loves doing the most—making an impact on the lives of other people through his online content. 

The phenomenal influencer surprised people online when he generated 1.9M followers on his TikTok account. His Instagram account has more than 67k followers, while his YouTube channel has more than 28k subscribers. He successfully achieved all these by using effective tools and techniques that guarantee good results. Josh Liljenquist is all about inspiring people to become the best version of themselves. As an entrepreneur, he understands the value of constantly finding ways to reinvent one’s brand to suit the changing times. 

To teach people how to develop a successful brand on social media, Josh Liljenquist published two books that reveal his strategies. TikTok Guide: Insane Growth and Instagram Masterguide: Extreme Growth are both available on Amazon. Aside from these, Josh also wrote Tips to Become Successful: Make a Change, a book that motivates people to pursue the needed changes in their lives so that they can achieve success. 

Josh Liljenquist may have had too many rough patches in life, but the young influencer believes these are designed to make him stronger and a better person. He intends to use everything he learned from the experiences to continue to build his brand and come up with new ways to inspire people every day. 

Find out more about Josh Liljenquist by visiting his website. Follow his Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on his latest projects. 

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