Steve Marriott: Building a Recession-Proof Business Through Smartphones

With the economic crisis the world is facing today, many people are suffering little to no income due to the recession brought about by the pandemic. Unemployment rates have spiked up as businesses have closed down. With that in mind, recession-proof jobs and companies have become extremely important today. Despite many financial opportunities surviving the recession available in the digital world, many people find themselves unsure of exploring this business scene due to the lack of understanding as to how it works. Steve Marriot seeks to address this challenge through a program called Young Millennial.

Young Millennial comes up with a blueprint on how to “create generational wealth” with the use of smartphones. The mentorship program is led by Steve Marriott under the wings of the well-known educational platform IM Academy. Through this program, Steve educates clients about the different ways of achieving financial freedom, mainly through trading in the largest financial markets in the world.

Steve Marriott takes pride in helping clients develop a recession-proof skill of trading a variety of currency pairs and utilizing the inclines and declines of the markets. Through Young Millennial, clients will gain access to seven-figure earners who are also traders. Additionally, clients also have the option to earn income through the referral program of the platform. On top of all of this, Steve is hands-on in helping clients improve their self-efficiency and profitability in the market.

Before entering the world of entrepreneurship and trading, Steve Marriott was a former collegiate athlete in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His success in playing football for ten years helped him establish a well-respected reputation in his community as well as a wide network of professionals from various sectors. Eventually, he made a bold choice to drop out of college to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. Exploring his curiosity about investments and businesses, he took the time to master the art of business and finance. Today, the 27-year-old trade guru is a successful entrepreneur looking to share his strategies and expertise with other aspirants.

Ultimately, Steve Marriott hopes to enlighten his clients about the multiple streams of income that can be found in the trading industry and how to transform these sources into generational wealth. He has made it his mission to build brands that will become legacies that can be passed on to the next generations. He is also committed to helping others capitalize on the largest financial markets all over the world. 

Through his mentorship program, Steve Marriott introduces clients to a business that can serve as their additional income stream and generate money from anywhere. This form of business also has the ability to withstand any situation, such as economic recessions, which is a vital feature for businesses to survive today’s world. He hopes to teach people about the wonders of the digital world and how this virtual world can create seven-figure earners through smartphones when equipped with the right skills, tools, and knowledge. 

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