Squid Game 2 won’t be on Netflix by September

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In an intriguing turn of events, Netflix has given the green light for the second season of Squid Game, one of the most popular Korean dramas that have acquired unequaled exponential recognition and momentum. But, according to a source who spoke with Variety, “The Squid Gameworld is just getting started.”

Since its release in September 2021, Squid Game has made Lee, its South Korean actor, one of the most popular actors in the world. It was even successful in having its own cult that is only increasing in number than anyone else’s.

Is there a specific release date?

Squid Game Season 2 has not been given a specific release date yet, and since filming has not yet started, it is too soon to make a prediction. But one thing is for sure it’s not coming to Netflix in September.

Due to its demand and pressure for another season, Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator of Squid Game, said he was left with “no option” but to continue with the sequel. He further added, “Yes, there will be a second season; I can confirm that. I’m thinking about that at the moment.” Based on this, we can infer that things are now in the planning stage as of yet.

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As a result, it will be at least a year before we experience the excitement once more.

Who are the characters in Squid Game Season 2? 

Lee Jung-return Jae’s as Seung Gi-hun, the victor of the first games, was just confirmed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. Aside from him, we are still unsure about the future of the other actors. But most of the time, we presume they won’t be unless a prequel or a sequel includes flashbacks.

Gi-hun returns, according to Netflix. The Front Man will also come back, and perhaps the man in suit with ddakji is returning as well. Young-hee’s boyfriend, Cheol-su will also be introduced.

Hwang Jun-ho said he wouldn’t be coming back for a second season. According to Variety, Hwang is presently putting the finishing touches on the movie KO Club, which tells the tale of battles between generations.

Seong G-hun actor Lee Jung-jae noted in an interview with the New York Times that Gi-emotions hun’s “could be exceedingly muddled,” making it difficult to provide an answer without knowing more about the situation. Nevertheless, he is an interesting character. He might file a lawsuit against the game’s creators, I suppose. Instead, he can try to discourage new gamers from joining. He could also re-enter the game as an alternative. I have no idea as of right now.

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