Sima Azadegan, Purpose-Driven Fashion Designer and Humanitarian at the Helm of Sima Collezione

For a considerable number of entrepreneurs and industry leaders, it is not the vision of a successful future that primarily lies as the fuel behind their drive to dominate their fields. In the case of fashion designer and resilient icon Sima Azadegan, the creative mind behind Sima Collezione, the hardships and struggles that she surpassed motivated her to build a brand and imprint her legacy in the world.

On a mission to send across a powerful message of hope, strength, and perseverance, Sima Azadegan, the third child of an immigrant family, stands at the helm of a company dedicated to empowering women by creating bold and vibrant dresses. Through Sima Collezione, she brings out the inner light and beauty within each woman, helping them take center stage.

Widely credited for launching the fashion line called Dream Dresses, Sima Azadegan managed to introduce 50 haute couture designs even without a fashion degree in her portfolio. This signature line is composed of highly distinctive clothes marked by its bold solid colors intended to give women confidence and jewels and other embellishments that are guaranteed to demand and draw attention. 

Since its establishment, Sima Collezione has put a premium on offering top-notch dresses and serving the community at the same time. Through its charity, each purchase from this acclaimed brand helps another woman in need. 

Sima Azadegan is not only a respected figure known in the fashion scene for championing the values of love, compassion, integrity, peace, charity, and kindness. She is also a classical piano teacher, classical opera singer, mother, and wife. This graduate of the University of Southern California with a double major in Political Science and Music has served as a board member to various humanitarian institutions and charities, as well. She was a staple of Hadassah, an organization that raised money for the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem and the Neuro Muscular Foundation, which works hard to find a cure for its patients. Aside from holding numerous fundraisers, she joined Beyond Vision to help bring the love of music to blind children and the Visionary Women, a non-profit organization led by Beverly Hills mayor Lilli Bosse.  

In the past 50 years, Sima Azadegan has wielded the power of perseverance in overcoming life’s challenges. Now, she enables others to do the same as they go after their dreams and make a difference in the world. In the future, this multi-talented personality plans to remain committed to creating the most beautiful dresses the world has yet to see and designing fashion lines worthy of celebration.

Additionally, Sima Azadegan aims to rise through the ranks, elevating her brand to greater heights and propelling it toward the top of the industry. All the while, she intends to continue reaching out to women who have long grown exhausted with the superficialities and manipulations rife in the world. Influencing them to feel more confident and embrace the beauty from within, she hopes to foster positive consciousness for women worldwide. 

Learn more about Sima Azadegan by visiting her website, Instagram, and LinkedIn

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