Shawn Fair Unveils a Bigger Platform for Aspiring Speakers Ready to Take the Spotlight


With more than 22 years of experience in various business positions in sales and marketing and a reach to over 250 million people today, Shawn Fair of Fair Consulting Group has championed his way to the top in different areas of leadership, sales, time mastery, business development, and many more. At present, the star speaker has established the number one platform where speakers from all levels are welcomed and given a prominent exposure level.

This coming 2021, Shawn Fair hopes to expand his stage even more by featuring his Leadership Experience Tour on his new TV platform, Shawn Fair Channel, seen on different streaming sites, including Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, and more.

Shawn Fair is globally recognized as one of the most successful leadership and management experts and speakers in the United States. He sits as the CEO of Fair Consulting Group, which launched the Leadership Experience Tour, the only platform in America that takes aspiring speakers to elite speakership levels. Aspiring speakers are placed on the grand stage and given a chance to tell their stories and help other people improve their personal and business lives. 

Shawn’s speaking platform houses a live audience ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 individuals eager to gain life-changing insights from experience. As a speaker, his reach is now more than 250 million. With this in mind, his platform truly gives aspiring speakers a sky-high exposure, unlike any other. 

For the Leadership Experience Tour of Fair Consulting Group, Shawn Fair ensures that all speakers undergo a face-to-face or online interview to ensure that each speaker is equipped with the skills necessary to engage with the audience and deliver an impactful message. The chosen speakers will also have to attend rehearsals through Zoom or in person. They will be given constructive feedback to improve their presentation and performance further. Essentially, the leading motivational speaker not only puts aspiring speakers on stage, but he also makes sure to equip them with all the skills and knowledge they need to land paid speaking opportunities. To complete the experience, each speaker will receive 3-angled video footage of their performance, a full-page writeup in Speaker’s Magazine as well as a writeup on how they were chosen on select publications, professional action shots of their on-stage presentation, and a 6.5 feet retractable banner. They will also be featured and highlighted in Leadership Experience’s Tour promotional video.

Indeed, Shawn Fair makes sure that the chosen aspiring speakers are treated as elite speakers at Fair Consulting Group. Overall, this allows them to gain real experience on an elite platform and a wide range of tips and insights that they can eventually put into use for their future speaking engagements.

Knowing the different challenges speakers have to go through, Shawn was determined to help aspirants quickly get their speaking careers off the ground. By using the stage he built for years to be used as the avenue where speakers can raise their own platforms, Shawn Fair is truly changing the lives of many in the speaking community.

To know how to be part of the Fair Consulting Group’s Leadership Experience Tour, please visit their official website.

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