Sauce It Up Studios Set to Deliver Quality Music

Rising entrepreneur Emeka Adams is venturing into new territories, specifically music production. The entertainer looks to launch Sauce It Up Studios, an up and coming recording studio in the New Jersey area. With this new project, the music and entertainment executive looks to give musical artists from the Monmouth County area a shot at sharing their music with the world.

Emeka, otherwise known by his stage name OfficialKingAdams, is one of New Jersey’s leading entertainers. The Old Bridge native picked up a degree in psychology from Rutgers University. While in college, Emeka began throwing house parties in his school. In those early days, he discovered his wheelhouse—bringing energy into a room with his entertainment know-how. Many of his on-campus parties were a hit. He soon started holding parties for other communities in the nearby campuses of Rowan University, Montclair University, and Kean University. It didn’t take long for crowds to catch the name “OfficialKingAdams.” Very soon, Emeka had become a brand of energy and hype.

After graduating in 2018, Emeka moved into the party and entertainment scene full time. He joined Craven Entertainment as a promoter and would regularly pack venues. Later on, OfficialKingAdams would move into the concert scene and began working as one of Craven’s top showcase managers, putting up successful rap and hip-hop concerts all over the East Coast region and beyond.

OfficialKingAdams is a go-getter with a hunger for success. He works hard and smart, determined to create a legacy of energy and positivity by creating events that make people feel alive. He has a third eye for trends and hits and quickly delivers on promotional ideas that convert into packed venues no matter who’s playing.

In the years that Emeka Adams has spent growing his network in the rap scene, he’s connected with many artists with promise and potential. Accordingly, he came up with the idea of starting Sauce It Up Studios, a recording company that looks to develop fresh street and hip-hop tunes that will take the music scene by storm. 

Given OfficialKingAdams’ track record of delivering memorable musical experiences to crowds everywhere, he has created a brand and reputation of high-quality music and entertainment. Now looking to take that influence, Emeka Adams looks to expand his horizons by moving into the music recording space with Sauce It Up Studios. Through this new venture, the music and entertainment mogul looks to break into new grounds. Moreover, he hopes to give up and coming artists a chance to break through by helping them translate their genius and talent into musical tracks that will resonate across radio waves all over the nation and beyond.

For OfficialKingAdams, Sauce It Up Studio is just the beginning. He hopes that the company will also scale into a full-fledged record label that handles everything from pre-production, concept, recording, marketing, and distribution. He hopes to highlight up and coming talent from the New Jersey area and beyond with the entertainment and music influencer’s brand and platform. By doing so, Emeka looks to start a new revolution that will spark a renewed level of energy into the music and events scene.

Sauce It Up Studios will launch in 2021. To keep track of the company’s development and OfficialKingAdams’s other gimmicks and ventures, visit Emeka Adams’ Instagram account or check out his website.

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