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Sarah Jones – A glimpse into the career of Emmy Award Winning journalist

Sarah Jones
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There is no question about the fact that journalists showcase outstanding work and are considered highly influential risk-takers in the news media. Journalism is a profession that was once regarded as a male-dominated line of work. Many female journalists have paved the way and outperformed male journalists in healthy professional competition. At the same time, it goes without saying that being an assertive female journalist can be risky. Then there are some women who are ready to take on any challenge on their way. When it comes to journalism, it is a rewarding career path, but in this line of work, success does not come easy. 

Over the years, many women have embarked on their journey to bring truth to the table. One such example is the Emmy Award Winning Sarah Jones. As a female journalist, Jones has devoted 15 years of her life to this profession, and she has been the voice of the voiceless. Jones has been invited multiple times to advise top military planners and government leaders in the United States and allied countries due to her vast expertise. Her work provides perceptions on the basic causes of wartime behavior. And Jones has written and contributed to over 1,000 articles covering local, national, and international news at major news outlets.

Sarah Jones earned her master’s degree with merit, in England, from City University London School of International Broadcast Journalism, considered the “Oxbridge of journalism,” and a bachelor’s degree in communication from Lake Forest College in Illinois. At the tender age of 14, she wrote a cancer awareness publication, “Leukemia for Kids,” published as a book by the Cleveland Clinic and the American Cancer Society while a student at Hathaway Brown School for Girls in Shaker Heights, Ohio. It was distributed to Leukemia patients and their families by Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkins University Hospital, Mayo Clinic, and Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York.

Jones has also been invited as a featured speaker at national and world forums. She presented on “Hypersexualisation of Women and Girls in Social Media” at the International Women and Justice Summit held in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2016 that was organized by the Family and Social Policies Ministry and Women and Democracy Association (KADEM), with the participation of the UN Women Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia, Representative to Turkey İngibjorg Gisladottir and presidents and ministers and leaders from more than 30 countries. Jones’s focus was particularly on how the many young girls in countries with strong internet connectivity see their social media profiles as a defining part of their identity and the potential long-term impact of this disruption in their coming-of-age story.  

Jones has touched on many aspects of journalism and has raised many overlooked issues. She has left an indelible mark on history and the global consciousness by reporting on stories and topics not discussed by the mainstream media. 

The vision essential for the voiceless to be heard

She founded the “Seen and Heard” program to bring underreported news to the attention of mainstream media. The program’s goal was to give equal attention to communities that have been marginalized in mainstream media. Jones’ talent and vision are essential for the voiceless to be heard. She received much support and raised $8,000 in less than two months through Gofundme.com to fund the program’s pilot.

Intelligently, tenderly, and passionately penning a book for kids

In addition to being a journalist, Jones is also a thought author, and she has penned a book named “A Kids Book About War.” Her book can be labeled as an incredible approach to discussing war with kids with its easy theme to such a complex topic. Her book has been a valuable resource for first graders in having a wonderful dialogue about current events, their thoughts, and their opinions on many issues, and it helps them feel heard. 

Paying tribute to the fallen journalists

Jones is also the co-founder of the annual international moment of silence, an online event to remember fallen journalists, which she co-founded with organizations such as The United Nations Plus Social Good, Committee to Protect Journalists, The Frontline Club, The National Press Club, Muck Rack, International Association of Press Clubs, James W. Foley Legacy Foundation, Knight Foundation, and Reddit. In its first year, the event reached approximately 9 million people, and in-person events were held all around the world.

Launching a podcast intended for children

She has a kid’s podcast called “Sarah Jones Breaks it Down.” Jones’ podcast earned a five-star rating from Common Sense Media for giving reliable information to more than 100 million children and families worldwide. Common Sense also named it the best podcast of 2022. Her show was also recognized as a back-to-school must-listen on Apple Podcasts. Jones’ Breaks it Down is a journalism podcast intended for children to help them understand current events and gain digital literacy.

A career devoted to journalism

Sarah Jones has many accolades after dedicating 15 years of her life to journalism. In 2017, Jones was selected as one of the top 20 North American Young Leaders by Friends of Europe (EYL40), by Brussels-based, leading not-for-profit think tank, for European Union policy analysis and debate. During the same year, Jones was selected to participate as a Delegate for The Skoll World Forum in Oxford, England, for Social Entrepreneurs and Inniovators-the premier global platform for advancing entrepreneurial approaches and solutions to address the world’s most pressing problems. On International Women’s Day 2018, she was selected as one of the Women Economic Forum’s “Women of the Decade” in News & Social Engagement in the Hague, Netherlands.

 She was nominated for and attended the National Security Seminar in 2021 at the request of the Army War College. During the Sixth Annual Shorty Awards, presented at the New York Times Center, a council of industry insiders chose her as the Best Writer in Social Media. Jones holds two International Reporting Project (IRP) Fellowships and is an International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) member.

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