Sal Habibi – Paving the Path to Financial Success Through Amazon FBA and Marketing

In what can be termed a twist of fate or destiny manifesting, Sal Habibi has turned a life of near-misery around to an enviable life preaching financial success, smiling to the bank, while teaching others his strategies and methods. Sal has raked in more than $1 million in sales within a year and has gone from driving for Uber to living his dreams and mentoring others to build their dream life too. The 26-year-old San Francisco native is an Amazon FBA and marketing specialist who has used the digital world to create massive success that has led to many new doors opening for him and his team. 

Just a short while back, he got kicked out of university at SJSU and had been fired from seven jobs back to back at the age of 25. He says “I just couldn’t take being told what to do and when to show up, I wanted to create my own life and build my own legacy, not help build someone else’s”. Since his pursuit of entrepreneurial success began, things didn’t look so bright for him until he found success with Amazon FBA and marketing. He then co-founded the Amazon FBA Degree to train aspiring entrepreneurs looking to build their own successful Amazon stores. He created the in-depth course to be a very simple, yet efficient way for anyone from anywhere in the world to learn and apply. Today, many of his students have leveraged the platform for their professional growth and personal development. Impacting lives in such a positive way has been the best part of this journey for him. 

Sal is also the team lead at The Elevate Society, which empowers and educates people from all over the world to pursue financial freedom. He recently merged his Amazon FBA Degree Academy with the IM Academy to include the entire digital currency world into his vision of having a “Growth University”. Now, together with the experts and mentors in the IM Academy like Matt Rosa, Jason Brown, and Alex Morton, he is able to provide education in the exploding cryptocurrency and forex markets as well as a personal development track geared toward financial success. Sal runs the Amazon FBA Degree with his partner, another massive success in the eCommerce world, Jacqueline Pulido, and together they’re enabling thousands of people a world beyond the typical 9 to 5 career path. The training academy has grown northward of 5,000 plus members, with many of them already launched within months and scaling their businesses. Habib believes he has created a viable option for motivated individuals interested in creating financial freedom without the need of a college degree. “We are now an all-in-one education platform allowing members to be trained in the digital markets and e-commerce from 6-7 figure experts all while learning how to operate like the elite performers do with our personal development track. I’d like to call this the best option for anyone who wants to create an abundant lifestyle alongside a powerful community over the typical rat race route society pushes onto us” Habib says. Sal and his Elevate team aim to reach college students worldwide, aspiring entrepreneurs, and really anyone looking to make passive income on the internet with the active community-based program they have built. He also organizes daily live sessions mentoring students and guiding them step by step to duplicate what he has accomplished. Creating an avenue for people to make passive income from anywhere with a wifi connection is Sal’s way of giving back. When he dropped out of college and was in debt, he almost lost all hope. It took stumbling on the right information and acting on it to become who he is today. For all those who don’t have such guidance, Elevate Society is showing to be his way of giving them a chance. Learn more about Sal Habib and his team on his official Instagram page or YouTube channel.

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